Mindfulness NOW Episode 2 Resistance Talk with Amanda Quintana

Hello amazing person!!! In this episode I interview Amanda Quintana. She’s a former student of mine (college student leader…see her bio below). Within this episode we talk about resistance, how it appears in our lives and what to do about it. I mention the book, Spiritual Direction: Beyond the Beginnings by Janet K. Ruffing, R.S.M.Continue reading “Mindfulness NOW Episode 2 Resistance Talk with Amanda Quintana”

Excelsior Academy & Ted X Newburgh

This week I had the absolute joy and honor of meeting with some of the students that grant my soul both hope and faith for the world. On Tuesday, I stopped by Newburgh Free Academy (North Building) to chat with and perform for the group of students responsible for planning and coordinating 2 ground breakingContinue reading “Excelsior Academy & Ted X Newburgh”

Interviews & Upcoming Talks

Greetings and I hope these words find you joyous and well! Over the past few weeks I’ve been building The Mindfulness Now Podcast (episodes to be released soon), contemplating next steps, have had the joy of being interviewed 5 times (once by a graduate student writing a play on the LatinX experience and 4 timesContinue reading “Interviews & Upcoming Talks”

Looking Back for Today’s Fuel

I hope your 2018 has been going beautifully! It’s been a chilly experience here in the Hudson Valley and considering this frigid reality I’ve been bundled up inside and nurturing the head cold that greeted me in the New Year. Fortunately, given my time indoors I’ve been gifted the opportunity to more fully process myContinue reading “Looking Back for Today’s Fuel”

Adios (Go with God) 2017

Hello! 2017 is ALMOST DONEZO! And we’re here my people! Somehow we’ve survived, though we remember those that transcended or have been challenged by this year due to its war threats, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings, economic shifts, political woes, a resurfacing of “racism in public” and the surfacing of disgustingly numerous, inappropriate and unwelcomeContinue reading “Adios (Go with God) 2017”

NEW Sunday Morning Class!!! & 300 Hour Nomad Yoga Teacher Trainees

Hellllloooooo! I hope this new day has begun beautifully for you! I’ll normally only send out updates every couple of weeks but I’m super excited about some upcoming happenings this weekend! As of this Sunday, December 17th, I’ll be teaching a weekly Yoga Basics Class at     Gold’s Gym (15 Raquet Road, Newburgh, NY 12550).Continue reading “NEW Sunday Morning Class!!! & 300 Hour Nomad Yoga Teacher Trainees”