Adios (Go with God) 2017

Hello! 2017 is ALMOST DONEZO!

And we’re here my people!

Somehow we’ve survived, though we remember those that transcended or have been challenged by this year due to its war threats, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings, economic shifts, political woes, a resurfacing of “racism in public” and the surfacing of disgustingly numerous, inappropriate and unwelcome acts of sexual misconduct. Even with all of that basura and more…we can collectively rejoice that this all too has past leaving us HERE! Ready for a 2018 of love, peace, truth, authenticity, justice, health, growth and all the good that we each have inside of us. It’s there! It may be covered up by layers of darkness but do trust that the light is there. What got me through this year was the knowing that this light exists deep within each of us. It’s been the tools I practice that have helped me along the way and even dug me out when I fell too deeply into the darkness that inevitably abounds.

The plot twist is this though…we’re ready for a better 2018 because…we get to create it. We needn’t and shouldn’t wait for 2018 to grant us all the good we hope for. We must CREATE those realities. Be more loving, peaceful, truthful, authentic, just, healthy and more! Create the space for all that is you to grow and develop the healthy boundaries for anything that prevents you from living the way you seek to live.

The word I’m taking into 2018 is CREATE! I’m no longer waiting for it to happen. I’m making it happen by creating it. Each one of us has the ability and potential to do so. I encourage you to join me on this journey of creation so that we may hold each other accountable for the growth we each yearn for.

What’s your word for 2018? What do you intend to create and how’d you work through 2017?

Let me know by emailing me at

P.S. Unfortunately, the drop in Yoga Basics class at Gold’s Gym didn’t work out on my end. I’ll instead be subbing it on occasion. Also, stay tuned for a new Monday evening class coming up in January!

P.S.S. That’s our little dude Chance at the top. He too is looking at 2017 and ready to say Adios! to it : ).

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