Ceremonial Leader

Love is not the same for everyone and thus a ceremony that binds two individuals together needn’t be the same either. As an Ordained Ceremonial Leader I’m able to create and perform personalized and legal weddings based on your traditions, ideas and special requests.

I’ll conduct a pre-wedding consultation so that together we can design a ceremony that will be filled with joy, meaning and clear steps towards the interweaving of your life paths. During this time I’ll also walk you through your local requirements to ensure that your ceremony is holistically beautiful, symbolic and legally binding.

Lastly, I’ll be there to rehearse and perform your ceremony in the way that you’ve requested. This is your special day! It’s a time to rejoice, laugh and be filled by the love that you and your partner have built. It’s not a time to worry about signatures or your marriage license paperwork. As your officiant, I’ll ensure that all required documents are both signed and submitted so that you can relax and enjoy the day.

I’ll be on site 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the ceremony’s start time and offer unlimited telephone, text, Zoom and or email consultations. If open to the offering, I’ll even share some of the mindfulness tools and practices that have allowed my wife and I to have the kind of marriage that makes us grow closer every day.

I thoroughly look forward to reading from you and working with you towards a immensely special day for all involved.

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