Over the years I’ve had the explicit joy and honor of working with a diverse and amazingly beautiful group of individuals. Below find some of the words they’ve shared regarding our work together.

Jose – Student Leader of Macalester College
“It was an extreme pleasure to have [Juan-Carlos] visit and inspire us to grow collectively. [His] words and pedagogy really left us empowered and grounded on continuing this work and seeking transformative change…This was an experience that we will cherish in memory for the rest of our lives and I’m sure others will too.”

Junay – WCC Student Advisee within Orientation Leader Program and the Westchester Events Board
“Working with Juan-Carlos for the past year has added value to my student life. Through working with Juan-Carlos, I have been given the opportunity to learn mindfulness and how to also apply mindfulness as I go about my daily life. “Inhale and now exhale” are now four of my favorite words by Juan-Carlos. I really enjoy doing these breathing exercises as they do help to relieve me. Taking these deep breaths momentarily has easily become one of my favorite stress relievers. Mindfulness and being present are important and I am glad I was given the opportunity to learn more about both.”

Ana – WCC Student Advisee within Orientation Leader Program
“Juan-Carlos is an unbelievable human being. He was not just a great mentor/teacher, but he truly cared for us. I remember the first time I met Juan-Carlos was during our Orientation Leadership Development. To this day, I do not understand where he gets all the energy from. I remember saying to myself, “I want some of that energy!” He was always so excited to see us that he made every single one of us feel valued. He also did not just teach us necessary leadership skills; he taught us valuable life lessons and the importance of loving what you do.”

Gabby – WCC Student Advisee within Student Programming Board
“Juan-Carlos Piñerio is am amazing mentor and his mentorship has had a great impact on me. He is always ready to uplift and cheer me on whenever I am doing good and also when I feel down and sad. He encourages me to be my best self and to own my accomplishment and he has also been a father figure for me on campus.”

Pamela – Student Advisee within various leadership programs
“Juan-Carlos brings light and joy wherever he goes. From his dad jokes to his motivational words, he has always brought a smile to my face and inspired me to be a better student, leader, and person. Everything Juan-Carlos does is done with intention, kindness, and genuineness. Under his mentorship, I was able to develop leadership skills that brought me amazing opportunities by learning efficient communication, recognizing the value in intentional work, and, most importantly, tuning in to push myself beyond my expectations. It is an honor to learn from him!”

Mei Ling – Coaching Client and Private Session Yoga Student
“I cannot sing the praises of Juan Carlos enough!! He is a true blessing & an incredible inspiration in all facets of his practice. I am honored to say, Juan Carlos is currently my mentor / life coach & yogi guru. Each session has been completely enlightening & far more positive & effective than any session I’ve ever had with a professional therapist. He creates such a wonderfully compassionate atmosphere & helps you to dissolve obstacles we tend to subconsciously manifest. JUAN CARLOS I thank you with ALL of my heart for sharing the incredible beauty within you.”

Marian- Yoga Student of recurring Semi-Private Family Sessions
“Juan Carlos designed a semi-private class tailored to meet our individual goals and needs on a schedule that fit all of our calendars. He created a space that was safe and welcoming. More impressively, through his flexibility and dedication to his practice, he consistently made modifications to compliment our needs and ability levels. Two of our friends joined us, and we have had a wonderful experience. We have come to enjoy our practice and it has provided us with the foundation for our fitness plans. Through Juan Carlos we have found a form of fitness that we can share now and in the future. He constantly encourages us to bring the serenity of the practice to what can be the chaos of our lives. We are noticing the benefits in how we approach our day-to-day experiences as a result of his influence and teaching.”

Andréa- Former KHS student and particpant in the Nex 2 B Read Program (Afterschool program developed and facilitated by Juan-Carlos)
“I was always an outcast. I never fit in with one specific group. I did well in school and followed all the rules, but I still needed something more. After reading a flyer for a spoken word event at my school, I told my friends that we needed to attend the event. Little did I know that it would change my life forever. My friends and I joined the “Nex 2 B Read Program” that was created and facilitated by “Latin” (Juan-Carlos Piñeiro) and there we found a safe place to express ourselves, escape our realities, and call a home. It felt like we found someone who actually cared about us for the first time and wanted to add to our lives. He taught us how to write, perform, engage crowds, support each other, be professional, and dream without limits. I still use and teach many of the techniques that he taught me to the individuals with whom I work (persons with acquired neurogenic disorders who are working to remediate and strengthen speech, language and cognitive skills). Latin has been a super positive and influential person in my life and continues to want to change the world by helping others.”

Cynthia – Yoga Student from Sportsplex
“…I always leave your class feeling like a new person. I try to spread the word about how great your class is to everyone I come into contact with. I’ve taken yoga classes in the past, and you by far are the best. The sharing of your personal experiences, thoughts, struggles, and accomplishments coupled with your yoga instruction and good humor, is just the perfect combination. All of your students feel right at home, no judging, its “a real experience”. So when I leave the class I feel fresh, renewed, and positively charged. There is definitely some really good energy there.”

Kelly-Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner of Alma Yoga
“Juan Carlos’s classes are rhythmic and challenging. He is compassionate and accepting, which makes students of all levels feel safe and welcome to be exactly who they are on any given day. His soothing nature is comforting while he guides you through a challenging but achievable sequence. You leave feeling as though you have taken care of your mind, body and spirit!”

JoVan – Former NFA student participant in the Urban Arts Program (Afterschool program developed and facilitated by Juan-Carlos)
“I’ve always been forced into roles where I’ve been expected to excel. Roles and pedestals that never allowed any room for “failure”. So initially when I had to leave college for financial reasons, although I had no direct control over the matter it registered to me as a form of failure and to say the least I was immensely depressed. I had met (Juan-Carlos) through an Urban Arts Program he developed and taught while in high school, but during a time where I felt abandoned and fell into some really dark thinking he became more than just a mentor of the arts for me. I began meeting with him and speaking to him less about me as an artist and more as me as a person. A person who isn’t defined by his failure or even the roles their forced into. He’s always gone the extra mile to make sure my mental health was my first priority. Juan-Carlos constantly makes time for me no matter how regressive my thinking or behavior becomes. Somehow he always manages to push me forward again, all at my own pace. It’s been five years since the initial trigger and anytime I’m really going through it and it seems like there’s no way out my “breaking the glass in case of emergency” is calling him. I won’t say I don’t know where I’d be without him because I do know and not only am I glad but I know the people who love me are glad I’m not there.”

Sheri – Yoga Student from Sportsplex
“Juan Carlos Piñeiro’s Gentle Kripalu Yoga class in Sportsplex on Fridays is amazing! A true blend of the best of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. When he says you can go at your own pace, he really means it! He is a warm, compassionate teacher and his adjustments always help me. I am so glad he is now giving another class. Can’t wait to try it!!! He says the new class will be like his yoga dance party and that was WONDERFUL!!! Even Rick Lisker (alias Jerry) liked it. So powers that be at Sportsplex: more classes by the talented Juan Carlos please! And more yoga dance parties; (and please don’t call `em “toga yoga,” they are so much more…) I am really glad I rejoined!!!”

Sara- Yoga Student from Tadasana Yoga
“Juan Carlos’s class today was like walking on water”

Jane – Sportsplex Health Coach and Founder of Savage Health www.janesavage.com
“I have dabbled in yoga for the last 10 years but never quite got into a weekly routine. Since joining Juan Carlos and his vinyasa class, I am now hooked on yoga. From the first class, I found his approach to yoga so honest, authentic and very welcoming. I thoroughly enjoy his class because of his caring and insightful energy. He is wonderful in leading you through the postures and creates a truly unique yoga experience that is focused on the student. [In addition], I love [his] music! [He] makes yoga not so “yoga”…(in a good way). As a health coach, I am very aware of how yoga helps a person relax, reconnect and rejuvenate themselves. Juan Carlos provides a yoga experience that I look forward to each week.”

Decora – Yoga Student from Newburgh YMCA
“I travel a lot and am always looking for something that can help me stay in shape and keep me focused while away from my family. While at home I’m fortunate enough to attend Latin’s (Juan Carlos’s) classes and learn routines or flows that enable me to stay fit and centered while away. Latin’s classes border on a thin line between comfort and challenging and his teaching allows me to stand on the side that best fits me that day. It is a great place to be. Especially for men who are skeptical and want someone who can relate to assist.”

Amanda – Former SUNY Orange President of the Newburgh Board of Activities
“Having the ability to work alongside Juan-Carlos Piñeiro was a life altering opportunity for myself and some of my closest peers. Juan-Carlos was a friend, mentor, advocate, and advisor to all. We worked together focusing on student activities at SUNY Orange, yet I found myself learning so much more. Juan-Carlos fostered the kind of environment that allowed youth to safely free their minds, accept themselves and think outside of the box. Working within this environment allowed me to realize my inner potential and unlock the necessary tools I continue to utilize to fulfill my dreams. I am a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate from the College of Saint Rose, where I was heavily involved in student life and a Resident Assistant. I currently work as a Preventive Case Worker, assisting at risk families to maintain child welfare. I gained the confidence and internal drive I have today to assist others from working alongside an individual who truly believed everyone can succeed.”

Bernadette – Yoga Student from Sportsplex
“[Juan Carlos is] special…[his] energy ~ soft, yet masculine, [his] humor & authenticity…heartfelt & inviting, [his] dharma talk’s & life/yoga experience inspirational. [I am] thankful that [he is] true to [to his] authentic self & for all [he] brings…in life & to our Yoga practice. By the way…I have rearranged my work schedule on Fridays to be in attendance [at his] 10:15am Yoga [class at] Sportsplex.”

Savita – Yoga Student from YMCA of Newburgh
“I never liked yoga. I have a lot of energy and thought intense exercise would be best for me, but I found yoga to be very helpful. I think Juan’s class is amazing. You don’t need to be doing everything right, you just need to breathe and not judge and the moves will come out right. It’s challenging and it can be a great workout too. My arms and legs definitely feel toned, stronger, and planted when I do the tougher balancing poses. It’s wonderful. Juan is also very patient, professional, and sets a mood for non-judgement very well.”

Bill – Yoga Student from Tadasana Yoga
“Juan Carlos approaches his teaching and practice with the gravity due to an ancient tradition, but also with a light-heartedness that brings a student to find the “bounce” in an asana that was formerly seen as static and rigid. May the Goddess bless him in his personal and public practices.”

Daniel – Former SUNY Orange Vice President of Newburgh Student Senate
“Juan Carlos has touched my life and so many others at SUNY Orange. When I first started at SUNY Orange, he was the first to really get me involved in clubs and start getting to know people and grow myself socially. From there it was just the start. He’s helped me understand the importance of communication, compromise, and confidentiality. It’s been great working alongside him and not just growing myself but watching him grow as well.”

Larkin – Yoga Teacher
“Juan Carlos is a teacher who truly embodies the art and practice of yoga. He carries within him a combination of strength & determination, balanced with compassion, playfulness, & openness to the flow and rhythm of life, and he brings these qualities to his teaching and classes. I first met Juan Carlos during our yoga teacher training, during which he inspired me (and many others) with his enthusiasm, dedication, and wisdom far beyond his years. On a visit through New York I had the pleasure of co-teaching with him and witnessed first hand his ability to craft an accessible experience, making yoga supportive, relevant, meaningful, and fun for his students. I enthusiastically recommend Juan Carlos as a teacher, and wish that I lived closer so that I could take his classes more often!!!”

Kerry-  Yoga Student from Sportsplex
“Thank you, Juan Carlos, for the gift of your teaching! Your commitment and devotion, plus the deep understanding about the practice are a source of inspiration. I appreciate that you not only have a wealth of knowledge of many techniques but also apply them to your classes. You bring in great energy and enthusiasm and I always walk out of the studio feeling renewed. It’s an honor to practice with you.”

Dr. Michelle – Yoga Student from YMCA of Newburgh
“[Juan Carlos has] a wonderful gift!…”

Samantha – Yoga Teacher from Tadasana Yoga
“Juan Carlos is an honest, attentive, special person and teacher. His classes give me a chance to truly be present, and create space in my body and mind. He presents asana in a way that allows for your own personal spiritual interpretation. He has introduced to me techniques for breath and movement that I have never experienced before. His teaching style is fun and uplifting, as well as grounded and reverent. I am honored as a yoga student and teacher, to have had him as a teacher. If you are looking for a sweet blend of strength and spirituality, Juan Carlos is your teacher!”

Raj- Yoga Student from YMCA of Newburgh
“Looking forward to your next class, and I would like to THANK YOU for your patient and outstanding instructions. You are TRUE.”

Nancy – Yoga Student from Hidden Haven
“I’ve taken other classes where ive felt i couldn’t keep up with anyone in the class. When Juan Carlos is teaching I always feel like I can go at my own pace and he encourages each and every student to do the same. If he has to correct a posture, he’s very gentle and eases you into it. I’ve taken several yoga classes with Juan Carlos and I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each one. If you need to ease your mind, body and spirit Juan Carlos’ classes are the ones to take.”

Ariyike – Yoga Student from Sportsplex
“One of the most powerful and valuable things Juan Carlos reminds is paying attention not to how my body holds me back, but how my mind does. And with that gentle reminder he creates space for wonderful, unexpected possibilities again and again.”

Tania – student from YMCA of Newburgh
“Latin’s” (Juan Carlos’) style of instruction and approach to yoga is one of the best yoga experiences I have ever had. Especially after dealing with injuries due to motor vehicle accidents I was very nervous about engaging in most physical activity. However, in Latin’s classes I felt safe and encouraged to do what I can and not to force it.”

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