Mindful Moments on Instagram

I’ve embarked on a new offering! In a time when anger, fear, pain, stress, anxiety and overall overwhelmedness prevails I felt called to offer some practices that have brought me much needed (at times immediate) healing. These are brief practices (1-5 minutes) that can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Hope they’re of service and let... Continue Reading →

WOW 2020

Just WOW! This year has granted a series of epic unveilings! Over the passed few months I embraced a much needed pause for the sake of both mental and physical self-care though as I awoke this morning a sense of clarity became apparent to me. This life...is and always has been precious. This life we... Continue Reading →

2020: Vision and Clarity

A whole decade?...WOW...When? What did I do? That's what I thought when my dear friend Freeflowin texted me her favorite memory of the decade. I was looking forward to the new year though I hadn't processed that a whole new decade was upon us. Once I settled out of the brief daze I'd suddenly found... Continue Reading →

Mindful Leadership Program

It happened!  After much growth, trauma recovery, research time spent in the inquiry of both myself and others...it happened!  I created a Mindful Leadership Program! One that seeks to support individuals in becoming more mindful, compassionate and successful leaders. I specifically formatted this experience as an 8 week leadership development program for students at Westchester... Continue Reading →

Site Updates Coming Soon

Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has come...the following has been on my mind and within my heart for quite some time. Even further, the signs have all been there... After a refueling experience facilitated by new friend (a.k.a. long lost fam) Morris H. Ervin Jr. at OMEGA I've decided to more intentionally outline and share my offerings. I... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness & Leadership Development

WOW! TWENTY FREAKIN 18 HUH? This year has been a WILD one filled with challenges, transitions, opportunities for growth, moments of DEEEEEP inner reflection, change and epiphanies…like…TOO MANY epiphanies in 1 year : ) While in this whirlwind of internal expansion I had the opportunity to wind down the year with two of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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