WOW 2020

Just WOW!

This year has granted a series of epic unveilings! Over the passed few months I embraced a much needed pause for the sake of both mental and physical self-care though as I awoke this morning a sense of clarity became apparent to me.

This life…is and always has been precious. This life we live is short. It is demanding. It is complex. And that which many of us have been prioritizing is not why we’re here.

LOVE, patience, the holding of space for each other, self-cultivation, presence, forgiveness, the full experience of what Earth offers us, conservation, laughter, knowledge experienced from the mind, heart and spirit…THIS…this is what is important.

Much of what so many of us have become lost in is illusory and this time has granted us an opportunity for review. A review of ourselves, our systems and how we want to LIVE…not exist or survive but LIVE.

My sincerest hope is that you too have taken a moment…simply a moment to ask yourself questions such as “What do I want? How am I in my own way? What role do have I played in these systems or injustice? What can I modify in my life to live more fully and more healthily?

We didn’t start these fires. In reality, they’ve been burning way before any of us. However, it’s up to us to put them out and began the work of nurturing a new way of living.

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