Leadership Developments! That’s what I’ve been up to : )

Yo! When I say it has been an amazingly intense few months I am by no means overdramatizing what my days have been looking like. They’ve been a BEAUTIFUL and quite often CHALLENGING (because I’ve pulled myself out of my own comfort zone so that I too can grow in the service of others) mix of intentional work in support of the development of others while I experienced some major growing pains and personal epiphanies. More on that in an upcoming post and podcast…oh yea…it’s coming back : ).

The main pic is of the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING educators I had the distinct honor of working with this past weekend. On Friday, May 31st I was blessed with the opportunity to share a mindfulness professional development experience (Remaining Calm in the Storm-Mindfulness Techniques for Educators) with the intentional and in many ways “divinely appointed” administration, faculty and staff members of the Imagine Me Leadership Charter School within BROOKLYN, NY. Yes…by New York law I must always capitalize BROOKLYN : ).

While with them, I learned more about the transformational work they do for the fortunate young men attending this truly powerful and inspirational school. Straight up, they set the standard for what our schools could look like. They unapologetically blend both heart and academic rigor into what they do and I’m so proud I got to witness their expansive process of both personal and professional development. The opportunity to spend time with them, see their commitment to growth and the evident calling they feel in service of the young men and community of their school was suuuuch a gift!

Psych Class Wrap Up

Above was an exciting “FINAL DAY” with my Spring 2019 Introduction to Psychology students. Given the amount of stress and anxiety that finals cause many of our students, we met at a local cafe to discuss some final materials and experience their last Intro to Psych final. Together they laughed, shared and most importantly let go of test taking anxiety while both excelling and learning all that was needed for their next stage of college life.

Below was a sad but sweet wrap up with the Programming Board students I advise. They had a FULL semester of learning some concrete and actionable leadership skills like time management, democratic decision making, teamwork, delegation, the art of putting in healthy effort while letting go of the outcome and just straight up how to have fun when the world feels like chaos.

Student Programmers Wrap Up

Social Change Leadership Dev Wrap Up

Right above you’ll see the absolutely AWESOME Spring 2019 students of the Commit to Change Leadership Program. As you may have noticed from previous posts, I get to co-facilitate this program alongside it’s developer (the hysterical and always maximizing Tiago Machado…tallest guy in the back) every semester. For 12 weeks we educated this co-hort of students in the art of leadership via the social change model. The pic was taken on their program graduation day : )

Aaaannnnd below was the first day of the Orientation Leader Program I oversee. For nearly 5 months I get to work with nearly 40 students as they learn to develop into mindful, compassionate and effective students leaders that volunteer to welcome hundreds of new students to their college.

Leadership Development Sign Up

So grateful for these awesome times! More to come.

Stay Awesome Always,

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