Incarceration and the Criminal Justice System (A La Spring Break)

Happy third month of 2019 everyone! We’re here! We made it to today and here we are now! I had the absolute joy of working with the above individuals this past week. Along with my co-facilitator, overall amazing colleague and doctoral candidate Rachele M. Hall we had the unquestionable honor and opportunity of developing andContinue reading “Incarceration and the Criminal Justice System (A La Spring Break)”

Student Leadership Development Conference & Retreat

20FREAKIN19 started out with a bang!!! I genuinely feel like all of the challenges I experienced between 2017-2018 have deeply integrated for me so that I can use the knowledge gained from then during both the present and upcoming days ahead. Though, in many ways that’s really the whole idea behind being alive ain’t it?Continue reading “Student Leadership Development Conference & Retreat”

Mindfulness & Leadership Development

WOW! TWENTY FREAKIN 18 HUH? This year has been a WILD one filled with challenges, transitions, opportunities for growth, moments of DEEEEEP inner reflection, change and epiphanies…like…TOO MANY epiphanies in 1 year : ) While in this whirlwind of internal expansion I had the opportunity to wind down the year with two of my favoriteContinue reading “Mindfulness & Leadership Development”

Summer of Weddings! I’m an ORDM

Ladies and Gentlemen, This summer was by far one of the greatest I’ve been blessed with experiencing in my life. I had the joy of traveling to Washington State and spending time with my aerospace engineering nephew, to Kosovo and connecting with my angelic wife’s family/roots, attended multiple weddings (both in the U.S. and Kosovo)Continue reading “Summer of Weddings! I’m an ORDM”

“Purpose As A Life Skill” TEDx Officially Released!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! It is an absolute honor to share my first TEDx. The whole experience in developing and creating it was absolutely surreal and I genuinely hope that the message is somehow of service to either you or someone you know. Stay Awesome Always and Thanks for Loving Support!

Excelsior Academy’s Youth Summit & ECSU Student Affairs Mindfulness Class!

Hello Awesome Sauce! I’ve been distant…I knoooow I knoooow. It’s been a fuuuuuulll couple of weeks. Between coordinating and overseeing a MAJOR Award ceremony for SUNY Orange Students, assisting with SUNY Orange’s Commencement (more than 500 graduated!), prepping for my upcoming Ted X (was postponed due to tornado) hosting the Excelsior Academy Youth Summit (moreContinue reading “Excelsior Academy’s Youth Summit & ECSU Student Affairs Mindfulness Class!”

Speaking/Hosting TedX Newburgh!

Eyoooooo! Hope you’re doing beautifully well and finding the magic within each moment. I’m writing this brief post because I have the distinct honor of hosting, speaking at and even mentoring the young people that are putting on the first ever Tedx Newburgh. See link below…  The opportunity to do so is TRULY aContinue reading “Speaking/Hosting TedX Newburgh!”

Episode 3 MyFOURmula w Coach Ray

Welcome back to Mindfulness NOW! In this episode I interview Coach Ray about his MyFOURmula system, the work he does in the service of others and how he maintains a state of balance in his life. CoachRay is the creator and founder of MyFOURmula™ and TheMyFOURmulaWay™, an Evolutionary Self-Health Practice. CoachRay brings 25 years ofContinue reading “Episode 3 MyFOURmula w Coach Ray”