Speaking/Hosting TedX Newburgh!


Hope you’re doing beautifully well and finding the magic within each moment.

I’m writing this brief post because I have the distinct honor of hosting, speaking at and even mentoring the young people that are putting on the first ever Tedx Newburgh. See link below…


 The opportunity to do so is TRULY a dream come true. One that I’d envisioned the very first time I saw a “Ted Talk”. In fact, a fellow speaker just texted me…”I’m really excited for all of this. Feels like a moment” to which I replied “It IS my dude. It most definitely is!

This is for sure something! As a city that has been labeled as “the place you don’t go to” but moves forward with it’s groundbreaking youth initiatives, impassioned community members/leaders, and a beauty that could only be described as “THAT VIEW THOUGH!” Newburgh is moving forward via it’s Ebb & Flow (Tedx Newburgh Theme).

Those of us that lead from heart can both sense and see the magic that Newburgh holds within it. Know that though the news reports of it’s darkness we report of it’s light. And I’m here to tell you…(as someone that has worked with it’s youth for nearly 15 years) it holds muuuuuch light!

Stay tuned for video of the event and let it be known…Newburgh is love…not fear.

Stay Awesome Always!

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