Excelsior Academy’s Youth Summit & ECSU Student Affairs Mindfulness Class!

Hello Awesome Sauce!

I’ve been distant…I knoooow I knoooow. It’s been a fuuuuuulll couple of weeks.

Between coordinating and overseeing a MAJOR Award ceremony for SUNY Orange Students, assisting with SUNY Orange’s Commencement (more than 500 graduated!), prepping for my upcoming Ted X (was postponed due to tornado) hosting the Excelsior Academy Youth Summit (more on that one below), starting a 6 week Intro to Psych Course (registrations are closed but I’ll be teaching a 15 week version in the Fall), attending a by invitation only Anti-Gender Violence Leadership talk sponsored by Safe Homes of Orange County (I LOVE THE WORK THEY DO!) and most recently facilitating a Mindfulness & Meditation Class at Eastern State Connecticut University (more on this below too) it’s been an INTENSE few weeks.

All good though…I’m back and will be posting some more podcasts and offering some additional interviews and meditations soon.

The young people above are absolutely and totally amazing! I had the IMMENSE JOY of working with them over the past few months while coaching them for a youth summit that THEY ORGANIZED, RAN and PARTICIPATED IN! It was a day full of young people showcasing their work ending with a concert featuring youth performances, youth presentations on the status & history of both Newburgh and Orange County (so proud of their research and work) and ending with a performance by Decora! Each time I saw these young people either take the stage to perform a poem or deliver a fantastic presentation, or work behind the scenes setting up equipment and co-hosting my heart would fill with both love and faith. THIS is what we NEED to be showcasing…the AMAZING work that our young people are doing to bring additional, knowledge, peace and health to the world!

Shout out to their teachers and mentors Jackie Hesse & Christine McCartney for the phenomenal work with they’ve done for these young minds along with Dr. Roberto Padilla (Newburgh Schools Superintendent), NFA Principal Matteo Doddo and NFA North Principal Kevin Rothman for their guidance, leadership and support of the program.

ESCU Staff

Later in the week I got to travel to Connecticut and deliver an experiential presentation and workshop for the Student Affairs Staff of Eastern Connecticut State University. These human development workers got to learn more about Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-Cultivation and experience/gain various tools to live a more mindful and holistically healthy life. I had a wonderful time connecting with them and based on the smiles they had after each experience I’m confident that they’ve gained a series of tools to help them be more present for the critically important work they do in the world.

Stay awesome, stay subscribed and keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming podcasts,

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