Summer Love!

Hello Amazing One!

I hope the past few weeks have treated you well and allowed you to open your heart while holistically growing further towards your truth. If not, well then, hey…you’re alive and that’s pretty awesome regardless of what’s going down : ).

I’d taken a break from writing and recording for a few weeks. So much had been occurring that I needed to take time to experience and integrate knowing that the time to share would soon come…and here it is!

I spent some time hiking in Washington and learning about aeronautics (my nephew is an aerospace engineer and incredibly skilled at making advanced concepts seem basic), left my old full time work and transitioned into a new one (said some really tough goodbyes and the emotions alone were enough for a break), went to a beautiful wedding, was asked to officiate at one in September (super blessed, honored and excited for this) asked to host another wedding in August (seems like there’s a theme for me here)  spoke in/hosted the FIRST EVER Tedx Newburgh and made some amazing connections as the weeks have passed. It’s been a wild few weeks in which I’d been manifesting growth and expansion for this summer and based on what’s occurred it seems like I’ve been living within a whirlwind of it. Considering, I’d decided to cocoon myself from social media so that I could further dive into the experiences and changes occurring around me.

The Challenges with Growth

Sometimes growth is hard! Our minds may want to stick to the way things were…even when they aren’t really good for us anymore. The grooves in our brain can’t tell the difference between what’s good for us or what’s bad for us. It’s efficient in getting certain activities done but not helpful regarding life’s choices. That’s where the heart and trusting it to guide us comes in. Because even if the change we’re looking to make is a good one the old way offers up a source of comfort. Simply explained it’s because the old way is known. We know what it looks, sounds and feels like. We have an understanding of navigating it. The grooves in our brain and patterns in our minds know how to make the old way as comfortable as possible given it’s experience with it.

This is how I felt about leaving my old position. Though it was clear to me that it was time to move on and that I’d been unhappy within it for nearly two years, I still felt this sense of hope. My mind kept telling me “You can change it. You can make it better”. However, the challenges I’d been experiencing were out of my control. My heart knew this. It kept telling me again and again…”It’s time to go”. I ignored it for months hoping that I could somehow and singlehandedly change a system that had been authoritatively put in place for years.

In truth, most in life is completely out of our control and at times, the only thing we CAN do is work towards accepting just how little control we have over it. I had to accept that it was time to transition so that I may step into new opportunities for growth and expansion. Though the transition has been challenging, I know that the decision to step into new waters will inevitably lead me towards new territories. Ones that will show me a new side of myself I’d never seen before and prepare me for whatever the next steps are in my life.

What’s Next?

As soon as the Tedx Video is released I’ll be sure to post it here. It really was a night to remember and one that all involved will surely take with them for many years to come. Pero if you couldn’t make it…noooo worries. All talks will be online within a few weeks.

I’ll also be posting new Mindfulness Now episodes with guided meditations and a couple of interviews in the coming weeks. Some of you have been messaging/emailing me about them and I look forward to sharing some light with you that way soon too!

Lastly, I’ll be teaching another PSYCH 111 (Intro to Psychology) course at SUNY Orange in the Fall. If you know of someone that my be interested be sure to have them look me up. It’ll definitely be a fun and memorable course.

Stay in touch, Stay Awesome and remember…YOU BRING THE LIGHT!

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