Yoga Accesibility/Yoga & Life Coaching Rate Reductions

Greetings you amazing individual you…I’m writing you because I was reminded of my original intention in becoming a yoga teacher during a series of moments I experienced over the past few days. After watching a Yoga and Diversity documentary, receiving unexpected change in policy news from a fellow yoga teacher, looking around the room inContinue reading “Yoga Accesibility/Yoga & Life Coaching Rate Reductions”

Balance is the key…

 I haven’t written since March. Somewhere along the lines of everyday living my creativity became stunted. Writing, Yoga, Traveling, etc had paused for me. Why exactly this happened I may never know.  It’s not that I didn’t want to create. I did. I reaaaaaaaalllly wanted to express something deep inside that kept begging to beContinue reading “Balance is the key…”

When I was a young rebellious boy I’d

When I was a young rebellious boy I’d often demand that my Daddy “leave me alone”. To which he’d usually reply “Ju wan me to leeb u a lon. Ok. I leeb you alone. U’ll see”. My Daddy transcended when I was 9 and though I’d told him plenty of times to “leave me alone”Continue reading “When I was a young rebellious boy I’d”