Balance is the key…

 I haven’t written since March. Somewhere along the lines of everyday living my creativity became stunted. Writing, Yoga, Traveling, etc had paused for me. Why exactly this happened I may never know.
 It’s not that I didn’t want to create. I did. I reaaaaaaaalllly wanted to express something deep inside that kept begging to be released. This hunger to release irked me on a daily basis. Take a pic! Write an entry! Dance or practice some yoga!!! Somehow these calls continued to be hampered.
 A Kundalini yoga teacher once told me what a high school social worker (I’d worked with her on various projects for the students) reminded me of on a weekly basis. “You must take time for self in order to be of service to others”. Every few months I’m reminded of how true that statement is.
 For the past few months I’ve been giving and giving and giving some more. Then I’d take a pause to breathe and give even more. I didn’t take any time for self. Even when I was sick (chronic sinus infections) I didn’t take time for healing or building. You know what that makes me you wonderful reader you??? Human. It makes me human. Even though I’m a yoga teacher & life coach I’m always human first.
 My theory as to why my creativity became stunted is because I was so immersed in giving of myself that I took no time to build, heal or nurture my Self. How can I be of creative service when my heart, mind and spirit has been immersed in a constant carving away of all that is I for the good of they.
 The answer to the question of how one can maintain both is simple. Balance! Finding that balance is another story. It takes time, patience, breath, compassion and love. It takes all that is TRUE to be all that is YOU.
 I assure you that my human self will work towards this balance I speak of. I am aware that this year has begun with many, many, maaaaaany, major transitions for me and I’m compassionate to the fact that I’ve done my best. I intend to continue doing my best. My best to balance my service to self with my service to others in an effort to ensure happiness, healthiness, prosperity and freedom for myself and all the beautiful spirits I come in contact with.

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