Basic Yoga to De-Stress, De-Compress & Energize Workshop

This workshop will demystify basic yoga postures & flows to grant you the tools to both develop a daily practice and utilize the ones that work best for you. You’ll leave feeling energized, confident and able to de-stress and energize regardless of your location, challenge or schedule. This is the third workshop in a monthlyContinue reading “Basic Yoga to De-Stress, De-Compress & Energize Workshop”

TONIGHT! Meditation to De-Stress, De-Compress and Energize

It’s tonight! You’ll learn some of the core basics of meditation, how to build a regular meditation practice and most importantly how to search for and find peace in every moment. See you there! This workshop will demystify meditation and grant you the tools to both develop a daily practice and discover the practice inContinue reading “TONIGHT! Meditation to De-Stress, De-Compress and Energize”

Breathe for a Moment!

Breathe….that’s it. No, I mean now. Whether you’re reading this on your phone, while sitting in front of a computer or while holding a tablet please gift yourself this moment. Interestingly enough, I recently learned that a “moment” is actually a medieval measure of time equaling 1.5 minutes. Therefore, take this 1.5 minute moment toContinue reading “Breathe for a Moment!”

6 Techniques to Start Your Day Right!

The morning time is when I suit up for battle. I like to prepare and prepare some more before I even walk out of the door. Even if I’m not going out any time soon I use this gifted morning time to awaken, sculpt and prepare my mind, body, breath, heart and spirit (actually…the spiritContinue reading “6 Techniques to Start Your Day Right!”