Breathe for a Moment!

Breathe….that’s it. No, I mean now. Whether you’re reading this on your phone, while sitting in front of a computer or while holding a tablet please gift yourself this moment. Interestingly enough, I recently learned that a “moment” is actually a medieval measure of time equaling 1.5 minutes. Therefore, take this 1.5 minute moment to practice the following breath.

3 Part Breath
Sit in an upright position with your right hand on the belly and your left hand on your chest. On your inhale allow the breath to fill the belly, slowly expand the ribs and end at the top of the chest with a slight lift of the collar bone. While you do so feel how the hands lift as each section of the lungs expands. It may be helpful to imagine a pitcher of water being slowly filled from the bottom, further into the center and ending at the top. On the exhale empty the air in your lungs from the top to the middle and ending at the bottom of your belly by contracting the belly button towards the spine. As you do so visualize a pitcher of water that is slowly being poured out and emptying from the top, to the center, ending with the last drops from the bottom. Repeat the practice cycling of your breath for a “moment” 1.5 minutes.

Wild how we live in a society where we have to practice breathing huh. But that’s what is. We can NOT practice it and allow the holidays, work, finances, family life, etc. etc. etc. to take us out of our center or we can take a moment…and practice conscious breathing. Breathing to heal and resettle so that we can be present for whatever or whoever it is that needs us. While you practice you may even realize that, that whatever or whoever may not neeeeeeeed your attention and that instead you could benefit from this time for healing, laughter, enjoying, jumping or even crying. You just might find that there is something more important and more valuable…if only for a moment. Because if you are not balanced or centered then how can you possibly be of full service to that whatever or whoever that is requesting your attention.

Be well, STAY AWESOME, and enjoy breathing…because it means you’re alive…and this life is AMAZING,
Juan Carlos

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