Graduation & Yoga Hike!!!

It happened!!! I officially have a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology!!! That means that someone out there said to another…”Yo! This Juan-Carlos guy got skills. Let’s validate that for the world so he can continue doing the work he do”. Probably, not in those exact words…but you get the idea. Getting a M.A. hasContinue reading “Graduation & Yoga Hike!!!”

I’m Back! (New Website & Content)

Beautiful, Amazing and Awesome People, I’ve missed you! I’ve been incredibly focused on my intention and commitment to grad school and needed to disconnect from this site, the work of Juan Carlos OM, social media and other forms of connection for a bit. Pero I’m BAAAAACK! The awesome part is, that I experienced the blessedContinue reading “I’m Back! (New Website & Content)”

Delayed Updates & Break From Website

Greetings all, The past few years have been a catalyst for change in my world. I’ve temporarily halted my motivational talk tour, temporarily halted teaching yoga, become engaged, purchased a home, moved  my mother in, grieved the loss of my dog Coco, entered the enlightening yet often politically stifling world of higher ed, dived HEADContinue reading “Delayed Updates & Break From Website”

My Mental Illness Manifesto

Hello folks! It’s sharing time. I’ve been debating opening up about this for a large period of my life. I’ve seen friends not be able to understand or accept it and I’ve felt further isolated and lost because of societal stigmas perpetuated by many of them and countless others. Though I’ve worked to assist othersContinue reading “My Mental Illness Manifesto”

Kingston High School Motivational Speaking Engagement

It’s official!!! I’ll be returning to Kingston High School and delivering two empowering presentations funded by Benedictine Health Foundation as a part of their mental health related initiatives at KHS. Kingston High School is the place that I spent countless days facilitating youth workshops and teaching an after school program known as the Nex 2Continue reading “Kingston High School Motivational Speaking Engagement”

FREE Yoga Class at Newburgh Illuminated on 6/20 & @ 12PM

The Newburgh Illuminated Festival aims to highlight all the things that make Newburgh the charming, culturally diverse city that it is. This year we will be celebrating our 150th birthday with a veritable world of food from local purveyors, and featuring live music all day on multiple stages. There will be something for all ages!Continue reading “FREE Yoga Class at Newburgh Illuminated on 6/20 & @ 12PM”

NuYu Wellness Retreat! A 3 Day Experience for Mind, Body & Spirit

NuYu Wellness a SOULFood Retreat!!! What? A weekend experience that will feed your mind, body, & spirit. How? Come to this weekend get-a-way and stay in the Tinroses Bungalows located on 48 acres in the Hudson Valley. To reserve, please call (415) 596-2557. Why? Because you’ll be … o GLOWING after 3 yoga classes withContinue reading “NuYu Wellness Retreat! A 3 Day Experience for Mind, Body & Spirit”