Love is a fascinating thing. We connect to it, we feel it, we rejoice in all of its amazingness…and then we forget about it. We forget what made us feel the love. We forget to express love and we forget what it is that made us feel love in the first place. Humanity is awesomely confusing.

How can we forget LOVE so quickly? Everything is based on love! Atoms connect via love, blood flows through our veins out of love, the human spirit is a transpersonal manifestation of love. All in its truest inception began with love. Then distractions, chaos, external factors cause that joy, peace and gift to be forgotten, ignored and with time even the strongest and most deeply imbedded love can die.

In its place enters, fear, hate, anger, poor decisions, careless life choices and all these other nasty unnecessary and unhealthy void fillers. But why fill the emptiness of ones heart with coarse sandy darkness when we can reconnect it to the fertile soil of light and love.

I’m not writing here about obsession or the confusion that may exist when one loves something that is not true or healthy. For instance, thinking one loves a harmful drug due to addiction or staying in an abusive relationship when TRUE reciprocated and healthy love could be right around the corner. I’m writing about love that does not come from mental calculations. A love that instead comes from an intention and purpose that is somehow innately a part of the spirit and the essence of all. A love that emanates from the collective consciousness known as our Universe.

We humans are connected due to and via this love I’m writing of. Yet we so easily believe ourselves disconnected from it. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, living a life of service, healthy practices, prayer, etc. etc. etc. These are all really just tools that allow us to remain connected to love and that which is the focus of our love. These practices maintain us in a place of serenity and peace that allow the focus to come back again and again to the balance of our inner sanctum. The true teacher. The source that is that collective consciousness. Without it the person we love becomes an enemy due to such petty and material matters such as dishes, or a wrong sentence at the wrong time and the often detrimental simply not “being there” when needed among the many other “disconnecters” that life may throw at us.

Understand that your spirit is ALWAYS connected to the source and benefiting from its love. It is the maya (illusion) of these material and immaterial distractions that make us believe that somehow we need to recconect. No…we need not reconnect. The aforementioned practices among the many others we can experience are not connecting us. They are keeping us aware of what is already there.

Prevent yourself from forgetting your connection to love. Avoid getting lost in an argument or in the words that have gone unsaid and or even over said. Deter your mind from ruling your being by acting “monkey like” and hopping around while making a mess of things. Instead, maintain a steady practice that serves you in remaining clear. Clear to see the person you love beyond the boundaries of illusion before you. Open yourself to the love you feel when being of service and living your passion. Move past the focus on the material and know that when love and passion lead one’s material needs will inevitably be met. As long as you’re living a life of purpose and love know that abundance will somehow pervade. Remain aware and open to love. Because without it we aren’t living. We’re just here. And why be just here when we can be here…in LOVE.

In love and truth,

Juan Carlos

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