Delayed Updates & Break From Website

Greetings all,

The past few years have been a catalyst for change in my world. I’ve temporarily halted my motivational talk tour, temporarily halted teaching yoga, become engaged, purchased a home, moved  my mother in, grieved the loss of my dog Coco, entered the enlightening yet often politically stifling world of higher ed, dived HEAD FIRST into a transformative  Global Master’s of Transpersonal Psychology Program out of Sofia University, took on a Chair Assistant Position within the aforementioned program, been chosen as one of 8 U.S. Higher Ed. Professionals for a Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship, been chosen as a member of a Diversity and Inclusion Planning Task Force, begun running 5K’s and experienced a myriad of other personal and major life transitions.

Needless to write (but I will anyway : ))…it’s been a FULL few years. Considering this truth I’ve reduced my social media and website time/attention. Instead, I’ve focused my energy reserves on self development practices such as daily reading, jogging, yoga, meditation, prayer, time in nature and other self studies in an effort to further grow so that I may be of greater service to others.

I’ll be back here. I’ll electronically reconnect. For now though, I must go in and connect with those beautiful, scary, exciting and uncomfortable inner parts of my Self so that the seed that was planted many years ago can further manifest into fruits of service.

In truth,
Juan-Carlos (Latin)

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