Graduation & Yoga Hike!!!

It happened!!!

I officially have a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology!!! That means that someone out there said to another…”Yo! This Juan-Carlos guy got skills. Let’s validate that for the world so he can continue doing the work he do”. Probably, not in those exact words…but you get the idea.

Getting a M.A. has been an intention that I’ve worked on for many years. After receiving my M.A.T.P. with a Specialization in Spiritual Psychology (this past Saturday) I became filled with an intense feeling of accomplishment and “wonder-joy”. Upon getting called on stage I immediately recalled that scared little boy from the projects that often told me I wouldn’t make it. This subpersonality (more on this and Psychosynthesis in a future post) often told me about all these things I wouldn’t be able to do in an effort to protect me. However, today I stand in my truth and awareness that though others and the mind may fear progress we must accept them and acknowledge them for what and who they are to move onward and manifest into the beings we’re intended to become.

As you can imagine, now that I’ve graduated I’m available to do more of the work that I love. Some of that work includes dedicating more time to creating content for the nOMad Always at OM community! In fact, this Friday will be my first Hike & Yoga experience with them! Check us out at Mt. Beacon as we set an intention, hike in community, practice some mild yoga and close out with a meditation. For additional details and to sign up for this beautifully empowering experience check out the Hike & Yoga Link here!


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