I’m Back! (New Website & Content)

Beautiful, Amazing and Awesome People,

I’ve missed you! I’ve been incredibly focused on my intention and commitment to grad school and needed to disconnect from this site, the work of Juan Carlos OM, social media and other forms of connection for a bit. Pero I’m BAAAAACK!

The awesome part is, that I experienced the blessed gift of spending the past two years walking a powerful spiral of growth. I know more about Juan-Carlos, his sub-personalities (more on that in a future post), my inner truth, my path and how all of the aforementioned can be of service to others.

A few updates (in no particular order)

  • I’ve officially graduated from Sofia University with a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology and a Specialization in Spiritual Psychology
  • I’ve completed my internship in Intuitive Leadership and Education
  • I’ve almost completed my Leadership and Diversity Fellowship (2 more projects to go)
  • Our dog and in many instances my spiritual teacher Coco passed away last August
  • We rescued a panicky but loving dog with major PTSD that was abandoned and tied to a tree in the Bronx (in DECEMBER…DURING THE POLAR VORTEX) #thankstomembersoftheNYPD
  • We moved to a beautiful, warm and love filled home in Walden, NY
  • I’m one of 4 yoga teachers offering a 300 HR YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) and soon a 200 HR YTT
  • I’ve agreed to offer Meditation & Mindfulness training via a local Psycotherapy Center
  • I’ve officially accomplished a 13-year intention of becoming a college professor (I’ll be teaching an Applied Psychology course at SUNY Orange during the Fall Semester)
  • I developed NEW offerings in the forms of yoga, meditation & mindfulness training, and creative expression among other programs
  • Got engaged to an immensely wise and loving woman
  • And learned a whoooooole lot

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting additional information about the above updates, sharing recently gained knowledge and offering intuitive ramblings.

See ya soon and be sure to STAY AWESOME always,

P.S. Be sure to click around the above links and enjoy the new website!

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