TONIGHT! Meditation to De-Stress, De-Compress and Energize

It’s tonight! You’ll learn some of the core basics of meditation, how to build a regular meditation practice and most importantly how to search for and find peace in every moment. See you there!

This workshop will demystify meditation and grant you the tools to both develop a daily practice and discover the practice in all that you do.

You’ll leave feeling energized, confident and able to de-stress and energize regardless of your location, challenge or schedule.

This is the second workshop in a monthly series of 4 that will teach you how to energize, de-stress and de-compress through breathing, movements, meditation, and yoga. You can take each workshop or only come to the one that serves you best! More details on the upcoming workshops are soon to follow.

The practice will be fairly gentle and great for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Feel free to bring a yoga mat if you like though one is not required.

$10 Workshop Fee

NOTE: Registration is required and there are a limited amount of spaces available. To reserve your spot or ask a question please e-mail me at

You can also contact Beth Abarca (workshop host) via

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