When I was a young rebellious boy I’d

When I was a young rebellious boy I’d often demand that my Daddy “leave me alone”. To which he’d usually reply “Ju wan me to leeb u a lon. Ok. I leeb you alone. U’ll see”. My Daddy transcended when I was 9 and though I’d told him plenty of times to “leave me alone” I never thought it would happen and never got to thank him for teaching me how to change a tire. How to never give up in the face of adversity. How to turn a piece of rubber pipe into the funnest ball ever or for loving me so much that he’d playfully bite my ears in public. I also never thanked him for making the 2 funniest jokes I’d ever heard, loving Mommy and my sisters more than anything in the world and for telling my family to let me play on the floor because it would toughen me up (It never did. Just made me like to be on the ground a lot). More than anything I never got to tell Daddy that buried deep under my inner rebellion I love him dearly. I don’t share all of this to sadden or express guilt. I made my peace with my father a few years back during a time of deep Sadhana (spiritual practice). I share all of this because there is someone in your life who you haven’t hugged, thanked or told about your love. Stop thinking its pointless, corny or unnecessary. We live, then we die. In the meantime be TRUE regardless of the fearful voices in you. Love and let your Self be loved by you and others.

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