Practice, Practice, Practice!

With each day that passes I’m reminded more and more of how important my daily practices are.

A few of them are Asanas (postures) to free my body of chronically held tension and to exhaust my mind to the point of Meditation. Pranayama (breathing techniques) to cleanse my spirit of ego’s soot and Writing to discover hidden thoughts and mental patterns.

The days these practices aren’t prioritized are usually days of reduced creative expansion or limited productivity. I’m truly grateful for these tools as they bring greater enjoyment into my life and it’s experiences.

As you go through your day be aware of you’re own tools and their benefits for wellness. Remember to prioritize them as they lead you into each moment with balance and determination.

Most importantly, remember to silence negative thoughts that may prevent you from completing your daily practices. It may even be helpful to create a mental “QUIET” sign. Visualize this sign whenever negativity tries to prevent you from taking a slow walk, deep breath, sip of tea, etc., etc., etc..

Don’t have a daily practice? E-mail me for a suggestion or to schedule a time to develop some together!

May these words find you joyous and in health,
Juan Carlos


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