Why Yoga?

It happened in college. Surrounded by others that were interested in yoga for stress relief, improved health, to meet a hot guy or girl, to get college credits or for whatever of the many reasons that would fill up this class. I personally was there with a deeply rooted hope that all of my troubles would go away. Unfortunately, by the end of the class these troubles remained nagging at me pulling at heart and mind. I actually found myself even more stressed and crankier than when I’d walked in. Needless to write (though I’ll write it anyway cause I’m that kind of guy), I promised myself “I won’t be trying that again”.

About 5 years later my spoken word poetry group (ReadNex Poetry Squad) and myself had been on tour for what had felt like decades. We were burnt out and needed something to refresh our bodies, minds and creative spirits. Thanks to this world’s amazingness we all received scholarships to attend a 5 day yoga and arts retreat at Kripalu Health and Wellness Center. Within hours the practice I’d told myself I’d never try again became solidified in my spirit as a method to tune in, listen and heal. In that short amount of time I’d reconnected with my inner Self and cleansed it of all the darkness I’d accrued throughout my years of physical life.

I felt strong, confident, and ready to take on truly living. I was no longer interested in merely surviving or getting by. I was ready to “Create My Truth” and live in its abundance. From that retreat on I began an ever evolving yoga practice, immersed myself in yoga teacher trainings, workshops and studies. I started teaching, sharing my truth and diving deeper and deeper into a process of self study. My body began to tone and feel renewed while years or chronic tension and stress simply melted from my being. I even found that my restless thinking was starting to settle while my concentration and mental clarity became sharper. Throughout this journey I’ve become more accepting of myself and others and harnessed a once unknown inner wisdom. Peace and balance now pervade my spirit where chaos and unease had once prevailed.

I’d started out this journey as a proud skeptic and have since been opened to a world of infinite possibilities. I encourage you to take a chance as I did to learn what your mind, body and spirit are truly capable of. Be it through one of my Private, Semi-Private or Public class sessions or even another teacher. Give yoga a chance. While on that mat…you just might learn that your troubles are your greatest teachers. I KNOW MINE WERE!

For more information click on the following links to the left “Yoga Offering“, “Yoga Class Schedule”   “Yoga Private/Semi-Private Sessions” or  email me at CYT@JuanCarlosOM.com

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