Performing From Heart & Spirit

When I was about 5 years old I got a taste of whats its like to be on a stage with an important message. I don’t recall the name of the event or what exactly it was for. I was too busy and nervous learning my lines to know the name of it. All I know is that Donald and I were each going to read a half of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech for the entire P.S.183 student body and staff. I’d studied and practiced my half for weeks. I’d only been asked to read the second half but being the preparer that I am I learned the whole speech as a “just in case”.

Moments prior to the presentation I’d learned that Donald had backed out and I was now being asked if I could read the whole speech.

The walk to that podium had officially become the scariest thing I’d ever experienced.

Then… something happened when I got to the microphone. Suddenly a peace that I’d never experienced before cleared away all of my nervousness and brought an intense joy into my heart. My young mind was clearer than it had ever been before. The only word I could use to fully express this feeling is bliss.

Every word flowed directly from my heart and spirit. I was not the one up there performing Dr. King speech. Somehow something greater than me became the speaker and I the mere conduit for the words to flow from.

In that moment of truth I made a promise to gift myself this experience as often as possible.

Since that promise I’ve performed throughout 2 continents and at over 50 U.S. colleges and universities. Hundreds of middle schools and high schools and thousands of venues from the Chicago House of Blues to intimate community centers filled with love and smiles. At each I’ve spoken my truth, worked to build hope and encourage others to keep moving. All while performing poetry and making folks laugh. This is my truth and I love creating it.

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