Why Yoga?

It happened in college. Surrounded by others that were interested in yoga for stress relief, improved health, to meet a hot guy or girl, to get college credits or for whatever of the many reasons that would fill up this class. I personally was there with a deeply rooted hope that all of my troubles... Continue Reading →

Workshops & Retreats

I walked into a room and sat my Self down with an open beginner's mind. The facilitator began to speak and participants shared. I was hooked! From then on I began developing workshops and creating opportunities for hearts and minds to open and speak. I’ve participated in hundreds of workshops and presented thousands throughout the... Continue Reading →


I love to paint and take photos. The act of either creating or capturing images is something that has creatively challenged my mind for many years. During this artistic journey I’ve learned from some extremely talented photographers and amazingly gifted painters. Each image (be it captured or created) speaks directly from the volumes in my... Continue Reading →

Sometimes one must create ones own path...actually...you should always create your own path. Forget walking someone else's. It's already been done.

If you're ever across from someone that is in some way hurting you be it intentionally or unintentionally...tell them!

We live, we die. In the meantime enjoy and avoid dying. That's what humans are truly meant to do. Experience life and LIVE!

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