Let Go of Expectations

The journey that we’re all on is like a meandering river. It takes us from one destination to the other. Never knowing exactly where we’re going or how we’ll get there is what allows us to learn from the twists and turns of life’s rich waters. Expectations are like waterfalls that force us down one direction and deposit us in a small pond of still waters.

As a child I spent numerous hours in front of a TV screen. Alone in my room I watched as I saved Princess Toadstool, lead Liu Kang to victory and learned from Cliff Huxtable, Michael Night and Sally Jesse Rafael.

At the time I had no idea where my life was headed. The older I got the more and more expectations I started to develop. A Computer Engineer was one. Savvy Corporate Executive was another. Married with children by the age of 19 was one that I truly thought would be. These expectations developed from teachers, neighbors, friends and the TV screens I dedicated so much time to.

As a young adult I began to realize that expectations merely inhibited my organic growth. Stunted creative expression and caused me to feel disappointment in both short and long term endeavors.

Today…I ride the river at peace. I allow it to take me wherever it is I must go. Be it a guitar lesson, a photo shoot with me behind the camera or event planning as a Coordinator of Student Engagement and Student Activities. Each activity within each moment is an opportunity for me to learn and experience from the current waves, rapids and moments of stillness. I’ve allowed myself to be nestled in their truth with full faith that I will be where God needs me to be. Not where media, others or even myself believe I should be.

Of course, when I find a rapid that is determined to push me in a direction I follow whole heartedly and immerse myself in the learning. However, I know that it wasn’t JUST me that put me there. I know it was life’s waters. Granting me what I need so that I can be of service to others.

Expectations…would never bring me there. My eyes would be too closed and my heart would be too shallow.

Know that neither intentions nor goals are what I speak of in this entry. It is expectations and their power to block.

The below image brought these words to me and encouraged me to share. That is the last destination of a few local TV’s. TV’s similar to the ones that encouraged many of my own expectations and disappointments. May they lay in the building I found them in and never stifle another being.


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