Summer of Weddings! I’m an ORDM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This summer was by far one of the greatest I’ve been blessed with experiencing in my life. I had the joy of traveling to Washington State and spending time with my aerospace engineering nephew, to Kosovo and connecting with my angelic wife’s family/roots, attended multiple weddings (both in the U.S. and Kosovo) and even had the absolute HONOR of officiating two of them! Yup! I can officially add ORDM to my signature as I’m legitimately an ordained minister.

What a truly amazing experience! I had the joy of officiating the two weddings below and marrying individuals that have been deeply in love with each other. It was AWESOME to create and share a space in which they could connect with their loved ones in a LOVE filled and modernly focused space. Both ceremonies were creatively designed to ensure that beauty, love, spirit, joy and as you can see from the photos laughter paved the way for their future lives together.

It seems that years of the performing arts, spiritual study and most recently ordination have paid off in a way I couldn’t have possibly imagined. During these intimately beautiful moments within their lives, I got to design, facilitate and legitimize the eternal bonds of individuals that above all simply wanted to laugh, grow with and most importantly LOVE each other.

Within a CRAZY time in this world I got to see first hand, up close and personal that what Dr. King so eloquently shared with the world…”Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that” is so incredibly true. Where there is darkness folks…shine light and where there is hate PLEASE shine LOVE.

Officiant 3.jpg

Officiant 2

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