Mindful Leadership Program

It happened! 

After much growth, trauma recovery, research time spent in the inquiry of both myself and others…it happened! 

I created a Mindful Leadership Program! One that seeks to support individuals in becoming more mindful, compassionate and successful leaders.

I specifically formatted this experience as an 8 week leadership development program for students at Westchester Community College though I’ve kept it malleable enough to meet the needs of any individual interested in mindful and or servant leadership. 

Note: That last sentence is an important one. For me, those two go hand in hand. To be a servant leader one must be mindful and in being mindful one has the ability to be a servant leader.  

 I’ve been SUPER fortunate to work with a supportive team that values my work and has allowed me to create and build from a place of abundance and intention rather than one of scarcity or haste.

 Each session of this program touches upon a distinct component necessary for being a mindful leader. Components such as practices, tools, hindrances, purpose, communication and more are within the curriculum and I’ve even allowed space to mold the experience towards educators. 

Note: That last sentence is an odd one to me. Odd because in truth, a mindful leader is inherently an educator. However, I kept it in given that I’m referring to what some would call “formal educators” such as teachers, professors, and educators by both profession and embodiment.

 This work has become quite important to me and a staple of my calling/work in the world. After years of working in education, the performing arts and mental health fields I’ve had the absolute joy of supporting the development of emerging minds. Given this work, it’s become absolutely clear to me that our young leaders of both today and tomorrow are in true need of connection, purpose and tools to resiliently lead them into the days to come. 

Considering, I’ve been fortunate enough to offer various presentations in college classrooms, recently facilitated a session for a jam packed hotel conference space FULL (to capacity) of student leaders and higher ed professionals and will soon be offering another at an upcoming NYU Student Affairs Conference. 

As you may have caught via the above, I’m determined. Determined to be a part of the solution given the challenges we’re currently facing and have faith that along with some intentional and committed allies we can work towards the development of a more mindful, compassionate, intentional and mentally well generation of leaders. 

Note: By emerging minds I’m referring to those of emerging adults (about 15-27 years of age) specifically though also to individuals that have become aware of something more calling them. One’s that have noticed that their original way of living may benefit from a tune up.

Note: I included the notes above because I think it’s fun to write Note: In my writings these days : )

Stay Awesome All and Thank You for the person you are in the world,

P.S. Special shout out to the amazingly talented Marco Lazaro for developing the logo for WCC’s Mindful Warrior logo.

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