Under a FRESH 2021 Ricanstruction

Big up everyone out there!

I wish each and every one of you wellness and blessings!

As I entered 2021 one of my guiding principles was the concept of reimagining. 2020 taught many of us what has always been true though we’d somehow forgotten. That this life is one and a precious gift that is meant to be experienced thoroughly.

Considering, I’ve allowed myself to review numerous aspects of my life so that I can reimagine them in the coming years.

2021 has already brought me so much newness to work with. I became a father, experienced various shifts in perception and also within the work I bring to the world.

Given the above, it’s time to reimagine this website and how it’s used. Expect numerous changes (for realz this time) in the days to come with lots of new content to be posted soon.

Be well, Stay Awesome and Pa’Lante Siempre (Forward Always),

Juan-Carlos Piñeiro

P.S. In the meantime, if you have any questions about my offerings or would like to get in contact for bookings be sure to reach out via Contact@JuanCarlosOM.com

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