Looking Back for Today’s Fuel

I hope your 2018 has been going beautifully!

It’s been a chilly experience here in the Hudson Valley and considering this frigid reality I’ve been bundled up inside and nurturing the head cold that greeted me in the New Year. Fortunately, given my time indoors I’ve been gifted the opportunity to more fully process my review of 2017.

Every morning after my yoga and meditation practice I’ve been allowing time for a Free Write and intuitively jotting down words regarding some specific areas of my life. These daily check ins have been based on the ones posted by Andrew Snavely (Founder & Director of Primer Magazine) via the PrimerMagazine.com website. See the questions I’ve been asking myself via the following link…


Life Area Check-ins

“With a positive/constructive voice, what are your gut reaction thoughts to the current state of the following areas in your life:

  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Work-Life balance
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Finance
  • Spending
  • Recreation
  • Intentional living

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about these, your only question about your answers should be “Is this working?” Is my current diet and workout plan getting me closer to my goal? Is my current work-life balance working for me and for the rest of what I want in my life?-Andrew Snavely

Upon contemplating the answers I’ve come up with a few realizations that I intend to work on in 2018.

1-I had a GOOD YEAR! Due to a major setback (didn’t get a promised promotion) I had unfortunately missed much of the good that occurred (completed graduate school, traveled, had some great quality time with family, the relationship with my life partner improved,  familial relationships improved, set & accomplished various goals and more) due to my negative focus on the failed promotion attempt. It makes sense. I had been promised and worked on getting this promotion for 3 years so that sting hurt pretty bad. Fortunately, it was a great teacher that nothing promised is for sure and that what hasn’t occurred may have a reason for not occuring. It’s worth considering how much joy this negative focus on failure stripped from me. The most fascinating piece is that it wasn’t a failure! More like a rude awakening and learning opportunity.

2-There’s some awesome and very attainable modifications that I can make to further improve my life and lead me closer to the outcomes I’m looking to manifest. For instance, my happiest moments were when I went on short trips. I LOVE going away for a weekend here and there. I also LOVE learning new things and connecting with different people. This is something I’m excited about building upon in 2018. Given this awareness I’ve located some finances to go away for a few weekends in the upcoming months, am developing a schedule and planing some inexpensive getaways with my wife (we’ll be married in a couple of weeks 😊).

Considering my experience with the above, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. Go to the website, write up the questions (Andrew mentions them as per a mini-getaway but you can do it right from home as I’ve have). Once you have, e-mail me what happens! What realizations do you come upon? What could make you even happier/healthier in 2018? What plan have you developed to go about letting go of what you don’t want and developing more of what you do?

Stay Awesome! Let me know how it goes and have an amazing 2018!

P.S. I’m back at Anytime Fitness in Walden, NY and am teaching a 6PM Flow Yoga Class on Monday’s! Also, stay tuned for details on the 200 HR nOMad Yoga Teacher Training we have coming up in March. Lastly, OM Your Way Podcasts and videos coming soooooooon!!!

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