Trust in the Efforts!

Here we go…

I’ve been away from here for a few weeks because after 13 years of nurturing committed and exponential love, 2 years of engagement and taking 45 days to co-plan a wedding my beautiful fiancé (now wife…because AWESOMENESS) and I got married. Yup my wife and I finally locked each other down (that was in our vows…because that’s how we roll)!

Now, other than the fact that I LOVE saying and or writing the phrase “my wife” I’m mentioning this because though many years ago we dreamed that we’d get married to each other we honestly didn’t think it possible at times. There were financial difficulties, cultural barriers, growth we each had to experience, and many other reasons why we feared the wedding of our dreams would never take place. Then, at the end of the November we decided “Let’s just move forward with it and trust that all will go as it is intended”. Once we let go of the concerns the impossible became possible and on 1-28-18 we married the other of our dreams in the ceremony of our dreams with the reception of our dreams. It was all amazing! We trusted that somehow our due diligence would allow us to move forward, grant us strength, and pave the way for us.

I’m adopting that perspective in 2018 and I encourage you to do the same. Whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming of accomplishing…let go of the insecurities and fears and put forth your energies. Do your due diligence, work towards that which you wish to accomplish and trust that as you take 1 step forward, something greater than all of us is taking 2 steps towards you.

Keep moving forward with authenticity and intentionality folks!

P.S. Above is a group pic of myself and my fellow Senior nOMad Yoga Teachers. We co-taught a class this past Saturday at the Beacon Yoga Center and will be offering a Series of Philosophy Nights at the beautiful Beacon Yoga Center starting on Friday, February 16th at 6:30PM (Demystifying Mindfulness & Meditation is the first one!) These nights will have a topic for discussion and experiential component.

To learn more about what we’ve got going on check out… or email me at

What are you moving towards in 2018? Let me know via email!


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