Excelsior Academy & Ted X Newburgh

This week I had the absolute joy and honor of meeting with some of the students that grant my soul both hope and faith for the world.

On Tuesday, I stopped by Newburgh Free Academy (North Building) to chat with and perform for the group of students responsible for planning and coordinating 2 ground breaking and upcoming events…Ted X Newburgh & the Enlightenment Expo.

Yes!!! A group of NFA students (along with their teachers, mentors and supports) will be bringing a Ted X event to Newburgh, NY (https://tedxnewburgh.com) and ANOTHER event the day after called the Enlightenment Expo in which they’ll be showcasing amazing local talents along with local headliner (and my brother from another mother and father) Decora (http://www.iamdecora.com).

I was brought near tears after hearing these students express how important it is for them to showcase local ideas, talents and abilities. These truly are the voices, movers and shakers that this and tomorrow’s world needs and I’m super fortunate to be mentoring them while also hosting both upcoming events.

While with them, I spoke of purpose and the value of tapping into their own driving force. In truth, walking my purpose has consistently pulled me out of and or prevented me from sinking into the well of depression. Whenever I’ve been down and feeling off track I tap back into my life’s purpose and remind myself of the intrinsic motivation that has guided me for more than a decade… “to be of service to emerging adults and individuals interested in personal development so as to manifest the love driven world that is both possible and necessary through us all”. These young leaders of both today and tomorrow embody what is possible when we dive within and bring forth our light. They also epitomize the magic that happens when a few daring educators (Jackie Hess & Christine McCartney) empower students to both learn and grow rather than simply teaching them information. Life is an applied experience…not just information and if our students don’t learn how to learn and grow their gifts may sadly be lost forever.

More details on the above to be posted soon…

In the meantime, Stay Awesomely Amazing and Continue Shining Your Light!

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