Interviews & Upcoming Talks

Greetings and I hope these words find you joyous and well!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building The Mindfulness Now Podcast (episodes to be released soon), contemplating next steps, have had the joy of being interviewed 5 times (once by a graduate student writing a play on the LatinX experience and 4 times for the MyFOURmulaPodcast…see below and scheduled a meeting to discuss being a speaker during an upcoming TedX Talk (AHHHHHH DREAM COME TRUE HERE).

During this time, I’ve also been regularly reminded of the importance of holistic self-care and the value of having a Joyful Activity List (a list of activities that bring me joy in the midst of stressful/difficult times…more on that during an upcoming podcast/blog post). Both in the good and the challenging it’s crucial that we continue the daily work to ensure that body, mind, emotions and spirit are in alignment.

In fact, this is much of what Coach Ray and I discuss during his MyFOURmula Way Podcast. He’s a brother from another mother/father and someone I’ve collaborated with over the past 5 years (he was also one of the best men at my wedding). The MyFOURmula Way is a system of self-care practices that assists individuals in developing Strength in their Body, Peace in their Mind, Freedom in their Spirit and Love in their Heart. I love this system because it’s right in line with my own research into the Native American Medicine Wheel and the honoring of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Click below to listen to the two of the most recent interviews (an additional 2 of our time together to be posted soon) and learn more about CoachRay’s MyFOURmula Way.

Also, on Friday, March 9th @ 6:30PM join myself and the Senior Teachers of nOMad Always At Om during our 2nd philosophy talk within the BEAUTIFUL Beacon Yoga (464 Main Street, Beacon, NY). We’ll be discussing how to balance practice and non-attachment within our lives along with ways in which you can benefit from detaching a bit more within your own life.
Click below additional details.

Stay awesome and amazing always!

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