Catch The Moments

Earlier today I was driving back from teaching my Tuesday evening class. From the minute I entered the car my mind drifted. It was focused enough to drive safely but the thoughts were more on my likes and dislikes of how the class had turned out. The class theme was diving in to find the Pure Potentiality within. Where do we stop ourselves before even trying? How do we prevent ourselves from accomplishing something new?

There were little words that I felt could have been brought in & others that could have been left out. Other minor things that filled my mind. And even though most students left the class asking for my flier (with my teaching location info), with smiles, & offering thank yous…I still found the time to find the negatives of my class. Yes it’s true…I admit it world…yoga teachers think negative thoughts too.

And then I hit the apple orchard on the way home. The sky was clear & clouds were beautifully floating off in the distance. I looked behind me. Saw no cars and stopped. Then I drove slowly up the hill. No cars, no persons, no judgment, no thoughts… just the clouds. I snapped a pic (the pic above is a limited representation of what I saw) and sped up to get myself home.

For a few moments, I’d forgotten the negatives. The judgment. The I could haves & why didn’t I’s. All that existed in my mind in that moment was space. A space that allowed me to be in awe of the beauty ahead. That is yoga. Letting the mind clear to appreciate & sit in each moment. Without regard for the clouds of doubt we create in our heads. Instead, appreciating each moment for the beauty & sweetness that is.

Catch the moments! Each one is intriguing & new. Focus on the current one, clear the mind & let yourself be in awe.

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