Every Day Was A Challenge.

As a teenager, I once shared with one of my sisters that I believe “everyday is a challenge”. She laughed at me & said that I “sound like the village idiot”.

For many years I felt that way (not like the village idiot but that living was a challenge) but didn’t fully understand why. Why does everything in life seem like a challenge? Why does living seem so hard? This is how I looked at life then. A difficult task that presents a challenge at every corner. Life felt like a difficult burden to carry. One that I hadn’t chosen but would be stuck with enduring.

When the practice of yoga came into my life I began looking at it as a challenge as well. Each experience was a battle in the war of yoga. A battle between my body & mind. Another being fought between negativity & positivity as I searched for the answer to my reoccurring question. Do I run from my mat or do I stay & fight. Will I win or fail?

Until one day a yoga teacher said “let go”. “Let go?!” I thought to myself. LET GO?!…& in the next moment…I did. My entire body softened into the posture. My mind began feeling the posture rather than judging or analyzing it. My breath became a nourishing flow rather than a warrior’s fire. I let go.

Soon after that practice I began to realize that my days & activities didn’t feel like battles anymore. Nor did I feel at war with my circumstances or self. It became clear that everyday is more of an opportunity than a challenge. Each moment filled with the chances to see, feel, notice, & become aware.

Looking back on that comment to my sister it’s clear that everyday was a challenge for me. Challenging because I was creating an inner fight rather than letting go. Analyzing & judging each experience rather than…well experiencing. In a way my sister was right. I was creating a war & pushing where neither were neccesary. Now I breathe, am aware and when life feels like a challenge…I LET GO.

Where can you let go? How can you soften deeper into the moment? Learn, Educate, Repeat!

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