Diving In and Manifesting Inner Truth

Hello you incredibly powerful and amazing individual!

I've been taking time to contemplate what life looks like for me in the coming months and years. For approximately 10 years my life was spent performing and offering workshops with The ReadNex Poetry Squad. For about 3 I dived deeply into the study, practice, and offering of yoga. For about 5 I entered the realm of "9-5" work in the fields of Mental Health and Higher Education. Most recently, I dived head first into a 2 year graduate program that was deeply intensive in the realms of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Truthfully, this was the most challenging one as it moved me to dive deeply into my inner truth and come forth as a transformed and truer me. The challenge with this is that once the true Self is seen…it can't be unseen. As in now that I know what I'm capable of and who I truly am I have no option but to manifest that into being. Add to the aforementioned a diagnosed mental illness (mild depression) and it makes for some interesting summer months : ).

In my move towards experiencing a more meaningful livelihood I've been spending a lot of time asking myself what's next? Currently, I teach a weekly yoga class, 2 weekly mindfulness and meditation classes, am prepping to be one of 4 Yoga Teacher Trainers in a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, am prepping to be a college professor (first class is on 8/31 and it's a 15 year dream coming to fruition) run a Center for Student Involvement within a full time position that is more often dictated by political agendas and poor leadership rather than the innate needs of our modern Higher Ed. students, continue to complete work for my yearlong Leadership Fellowship, while trying to maintain a relatively healthy and holistic state of well-being, and bring as many smiles as humanly possible to the beautiful woman that has put up with my life's journey over the past 13 years.

Why am I writing all of this you may ask? For a couple of reasons. One, it's nice to vent sometimes without having someone tell me "You know what you need to do?!" (I assure you, my inner guide knoooowwwws what I need to do…I'm working on it : ) ).

Two, to update you and inform you of the following…

  1. Much to my chagrin I'll be letting go of my weekly yoga class at Anytime Fitness (Walden, NY) as of September (as you can see there's just way too much on my plate).
  2. I'm teaching a weekly Psychology of Adjustment Course at SUNY Orange (super introspective and still open for registration-let me know if you'd like more details),
  3. I'll be extending my offering of Compassionate Mindfulness and Meditation classes (Go to http://www.winchester-vega.com/ for more details).
  4. I'll soon be offering Dream Work classes (more details to be shared here soon).
  5. In a few weeks (building up my technology front) I'll be posting videos here with short tips on how to manifest and live a more holistically mindful life.
  6. There's still space for our nOMad 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (click here for more info http://www.nomadalwaysatom.com/teachertraning/)

I'm also writing to remind you that, I am not perfect. None of us are. I'm just a guy with a series of goals and dreams and am working to better live my truth while assisting others in doing the same. I'm walking the path that has been laid out for me (with some tweaks here and there manifested by yours truly) in the hopes of living the truth that I am meant to live. While doing so, my passion to be of service to others continues to grow.

Considering the above, if I can be of any service (be it as a Mindfulness Coach, Personal Yoga Teacher, Dream Worker, Etc.) know that I'm here to assist you in defining and manifesting your inner truth while working on this experience we call life.

May your inner truth be your guide ALWAYS,

Photo Credit: Phoebe Miller
Pictured: Samantha Fulton and Corinna Ricard-Farzan





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