Friday’s Class @ SPX (MODIFIED)

Awesomeness is sooooo about to happen at Sportsplex Gym (in New Windsor)!

This Friday, July 28th at 6PM I’ll be there to guide a
Cleansing Vinyasa Flow

Unfortunately, DJ H2O will NOT be able to join us. All good though cause I’ve connected with the amazing Yoga Director at SPX (Lena Forrey) and we’ve come up with a GREAT way to keep this Summer Series Class special. We’re moving the class indoors (hear me out here) so that I can connect a specially made playlist to the sound system, we’re lighting some sweet candles and I’m making it a MINDFULLY Cleansing Vinyasa Flow…which means WE SLLOOOOOWIIIINNNN IT DOOOOWWWWWNNNNN!

That’s right! This will be a true mind-body class as we’ll be allowing the mind to truly FEEL the flow.

I’ll be missing my dude DJ H20 but we’ll still be moving to the sweet sounds of a mindful flow (see what I did there?…no?…it rhymes).

Be well, Stay Awesome and I hope to see you there,

P.S. This special one time class is still OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and FREE!

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