Cliché Alert in…3…2…1…the past few weeks have “felt like a roller coaster ride” for me. So much change has occurred in such a short amount of time and I’ve felt that I can barely catch up. I haven’t even integrated all the life changes I’ve experienced over the past few years let alone the past month!

From touring the US as a performer and youth worker under an independent record label, to going into business on my own and being a Hudson Valley yoga teacher. Now I work in an office as a Youth Outreach Specialist am teaching much less public classes and more private/semi private sessions. I’m doing my best to settle into these changes like sitting in a recliner after a long day. Taking my time to find the riiiiiggghht spot.

In my years of life I’ve learned that change is constant and that to attempt resistance is energetically wasteful and foolish.

With this knowledge in hand I’ve treated each change of experience as a transitioning Yoga posture in the Vinyasa class of my life. I let the breath guide me and allow my to body follow. I feel each movement and avoid predicting what’s next. I let go and let my Self be taken wherever it wishes to be carried. In allowing for the opportunities that each transition provides me I open myself up to a new level of opening, clearing and experience. I’ve learned not to resist these transitions because if I do I’ll end up missing out, preventing life’s true course and stunting a growth that is inevitable. And like in a Vinyasa class I let myself flow knowing that eventually I’ll find myself in the sweet surrender of savasana. A place where all of my work and truth can manifest in and outside of myself.

That’s all change really is! Transitions and flows that allow me to embrace and enter my true Self. Also known as bliss.

Onward with the only real constant in existence…change!

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