Where will I be on FRIDAY mornings?


 I hope you enjoyed a wonderfully spectacular Thanksgiving. I know, I know. It’s a holiday that was created specifically to encourage shopping. But it doesn’t have to be that. For me it’s always a time to gather with family (I exclude the terms friends or neighbors because to me they’re all part of the same family) to share, laugh, listen, and be thankful for the bounty of being alive. There are so many that do not have (Check out Pic below) why not be thankful for having. As a matter of fact, use the holiday as reminder to be thankful for the daily blessings as well. Like RUNNING WATER, FOOD, CLOTHES, TECHNOLOGY, etc.

 On to something really fun… I have a new class offering Class Offering (Yoga Bembé) that will be available on Friday mornings (December) at Sportsplex Gym in New Windsor. Be sure to read the following description to know more about how getting your dance on with yoga will not only be fun but also an excellent physical experience. 

Yoga Bembé

Get ready to move & have fun in a JUDGEMENT FREE zone! This class will have your mind focused, body moving & spirit soaring. Classes start out with with a centering, yoga postures and breathing exercises. Once the body is warm and mind focused the dancing, dynamic movements, latin dancing, group games, jokes and above all fun takes over. Guidance will be offered for movements of the body as awareness is brought to music, the breath & rising thoughts. These classes ranges from gentle to moderate as you dive into the experience at your own pace.


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