Follow Your Beautiful Light Within…& WALK YOUR PATH!

It’s been a trying few weeks for me. Transition has entered my realm deeply and walking my path became more jaunting, unexpected, and entrenched with changing meanders. Though I’ve walked it knowing that the shine is within. Not in my wallet, my clothes, home, car or the many other material things that I’ve been trained to think are valuable. It’s within. The shine within each of us is within. It’s the desire for light that we breathe in and out throughout our days. It’s the joy we yearn for. The wish to create. It’s right at the heart center. Where it is and always will be. The video below reminded me of this. If you wish, desire, yearn or feel know that you are human. Follow the light within and NEVER, EVER let anything (not even your own fear) dare impede you on your path. It is yours and yours alone to walk. Walk it with love, truth & the dignity of your humanity.


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