Remembering to Breathe

I recently returned from a month long intensive training in India. The 2nd day home I found myself still feeling sick after a nasty fight with a cold & VERY jet lagged. My immediate mental response was to rush & push myself into getting caught up on work. Desire to get as many things done as possible burned inside me as I yearned to push through the cold symptoms & lack of sleep.

This time though I took a different route on my path to normalcy. A route that years ago would have felt nearly impossible. I surrendered to the circumstances before me & focused on breathing. Each moment that my mind revved & craved speeding things up I’d focus on my breathing & letting go to the workings of the universe.

Today I feel back to full health & deeply accomplished. Much progress has been made in my personal/business matters & I didn’t spend the past week stressed over crossing an imagined finish line. In having avoided the stress I’ve been able to enjoy my transition time & I think I even cut my recovery time down by a few days.

Thanks to breath for always being there & to God for the reminder to enjoy each flow.

P.S. Thanks to NB for inspiring this post.

Learn, Educate, Repeat!

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