Student Leadership Programs

Remaining Calm in the Storm

Remaining Calm in the Storm is a 90 minute, down to earth, relatable and experiential opportunity for students to both learn and experience various mindfulness techniques that can de-stress their lives and enhance their studies. Additionally, by practicing mindfulness, students increase their opportunities for creative challenge solving, spontaneous cognition, intuitive discernment and transformative leadership. Students will also learn how to engage with stress from a distinct lens while developing valuable techniques that enhance their holistic growth potential and understanding of individual purpose.

Mindful Warrior Series

By participating in a Mindful Warrior Series, students will have the opportunity to enhance personal leadership skills, intentionally elevate their individual self-concept, develop an enhanced awareness regarding one’s individual life purpose and foster a heightened sense of clarity and compassion towards both self and others.

This program is of customizable length and incorporates servant leadership, humanistic, and mindfulness principles/tools to assist with the reduction of stress and fortification of individual strengths. Emphasis is placed on the enhancement of cognitive skills to support academic performance, strengthen overall well-being, cultivate positive psychological states, and reduce anxiety.

When the Doors Open…

When the Doors Open is a 90 minute opportunity for students to take an intentional look at their current reality, outline a new path forward and develop the skills to walk towards their freshly developed intentions. 

Students have all at some point experienced many of the stressors that are prevalent within the higher education experience. Between paying for college, grades, coursework, deadlines, and more it’s quite easy to get lost in the midst of it all and also loose an ever necessary sense of drive and purpose. 

The reality is that stressful environments with stressed out individuals tend to foment a space in which creative challenge solving, spontaneous cognition, intuitive discernment and transformational leadership becomes limited at best and stifled at worst.

Throughout this workshop, Juan-Carlos offers various tools and practices to assist with the development of individual action plans that support students in re-pivoting themselves towards a place of more focused and intentional growth. 


“Juan-Carlos is an unbelievable human being. He was not just a great mentor/teacher, but he truly cared for us. I remember the first time I met Juan-Carlos was during our Orientation Leader Development. To this day, I do not understand where he gets all the energy from. I remember saying to myself, “I want some of that energy!” He was always so excited to see us that he made every single one of us feel valued. He also did not just teach us necessary leadership skills; he taught us valuable life lessons and the importance of loving what you do.”
– Ana, Student Advisee

“Juan-Carlos brings light and joy wherever he goes. From his dad jokes to his motivational words, he has always brought a smile to my face and inspired me to be a better student, leader, and person.

Everything Juan-Carlos does is done with intention, kindness, and genuineness. Under his mentorship, I was able to develop leadership skills that brought me amazing opportunities by learning efficient communication, recognizing the value in intentional work, and, most importantly, tuning into my own self to push myself beyond my expectations.

It [was] an honor to learn from him!.”
– Pamela, Student Advise

General Interest Form

A few of the schools Juan-Carlos has presented FOR


Austin Community College

Bard College

Baruch College

Berkley College

Brooklyn College

Brown University

Clark University

Colgate University

College of the Holy Cross

Eastern State Connecticut University

George Mason University

George Washington University

Hampshire College

Hostos Community College

Iona College

Nazareth College

Newburgh Free Academy

Northeastern University


Manhattanville College

McGill University

Mount Saint Mary College

Pace University

Penn State

Pratt University

Purchase College

Randolph College

Saint John’s University

Sara Lawrence College

Skidmore College

Sullivan Community College

SUNY Binghamton

SUNY Dutchess

SUNY New Paltz

SUNY Orange

St. John Fisher College

Trinity College

University Of Alaska at Anchorage

University at Albany

University of Pennsylvania

University of Texas, Austin Campus

University of Vermont

Vassar College

Virginia Commonwealth University

Westchester Community College

Wesleyan University

West Virginia University