Pro – Dev Program

Remaining Calm in the Storm:
Stress Management Techniques for Organizations, Administrators and Leaders

Remaining Calm in the Storm is a down to earth, relatable and experiential opportunity for participants to both learn and experience various mindfulness techniques that can de-stress their lives and enhance their work. Additionally, by training in mindfulness, participants increase their opportunities for creative challenge solving, spontaneous cognition, intuitive discernment and transformative leadership. Participants engage in opportunities to see stress from a distinct lens while developing techniques to nurture their relationships, productivity, body, mind and spirit.

Each 90 minute session is customizable to the needs of the organization and generally covers topics such as…

-More than 15 brief and easeful mindfulness practices.
-The unexpected truth about stress and where it comes from.
-A practical understanding of the science behind mindful practices.
-The distinction between mindfulness, meditation and yogic practices.
-Effective and sensible initiatives to enhance connection, creativity and a sense of purpose among teams.

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