Summer of Weddings! I’m an ORDM

Ladies and Gentlemen, This summer was by far one of the greatest I've been blessed with experiencing in my life. I had the joy of traveling to Washington State and spending time with my aerospace engineering nephew, to Kosovo and connecting with my angelic wife's family/roots, attended multiple weddings (both in the U.S. and Kosovo)... Continue Reading →

Awareness Meditation

In this episode I share a brief awareness meditation that can be practiced at any time during the day to reconnect with Self and the magical moment that is now.

Summer Love!

Hello Amazing One! I hope the past few weeks have treated you well and allowed you to open your heart while holistically growing further towards your truth. If not, well then, hey…you’re alive and that’s pretty awesome regardless of what’s going down : ). I’d taken a break from writing and recording for a few... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness NOW E-3 MyFOURmula w Coach Ray

Welcome back to Mindfulness NOW! In this episode I interview Coach Ray about his MyFOURmula system, the work he does in the service of others and how he maintains a state of balance in his life. CoachRay is the creator and founder of MyFOURmula™ and TheMyFOURmulaWay™, an Evolutionary Self-Health Practice. CoachRay brings 25 years of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Until You’re DONE!

When I was a boy, I was obese, a nerd and by no means athletic. I was never chosen on sports teams, was terribly bullied, laughed at when I went running in the neighborhood one day and always wanted to have some way to physically excel and challenge myself. A few years back I decided... Continue Reading →

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