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nOMad Always At OM is a multi-dimensional yoga community that works to create numerous yoga and mindfulness experiences both online and around the world!

I've been a member of the nOMad family since 2014 and have thoroughly loved every moment of it. Its been an immense joy to build community with some AMAZING YOGA TEACHERS and manifest my vision of bringing yoga and mindfulness off of yoga mats and into the world.

nOMad founder Phoebe Miller states that…

Yoga, travel, and community are three things that always put [her] life into a new perspective. [Within nOMad she has] created…new experiences to be both playful and mindful on and off the mat as you discover a new world within [yourself].

Through self study on the mat, we gain a greater consciousness and confidence in who we are as individuals. Through excitement of travel and community participation we learn how connected we really are. As a result, we find the joy in a new way of thinking, living, and connecting with others, so that we all can live our lives with more gratitude in every step we take along our path.”(Taken from

Check us out via our online yoga studio, Hudson Valley, NY events, worldwide retreats, upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings (both 200 & 300 hour trainings!) and much, much more!

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