Mindfulness & Yoga

Mindfulness is the state of being tuned into one’s current and often internal experience. This state can be accomplished by practicing a series of techniques that develop a nonjudgmental and compassionate experience of self-awareness within the practitioner.

Yoga is a science of holistic wellness that incorporates, meditation, breath work, movement and other intentional practices in an effort to unite body, breath, mind, heart and spirit into the magic that is the present moment.

I’ve spent more than 15 years researching, training in and practicing numerous techniques and diverse tools with the intention of enhancing mindfulness and manifesting an experience of yoga (unity). After years of experiencing reduced anxiety, enhanced overall health and becoming a more joyfully confident person I’ve developed a series of private and public programs.

• Mindful Arts Program-M.A.P. (Based In Creative Expression)

• Warrior Yoga (Vinyasa Flow Yoga)

• Yoga Bembé (Dance Yoga)

• Loving Yoga (Couple’s Yoga)

• Compassionate Mindfulness & Meditation (Bio-Psycho-Social Development Course)

• Next 2 B Read Program (Based on Writing & Performing Spoken Word Poetry)

• Urban Arts Program (After School Program Utilizing the Urban Arts as a Tool for Expression)

• The 5K Yogi/Yogini (Combines Yoga, Running and Mindfulness techniques)

• Create Your Truth Program (Self-Cultivation training for Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit)

• Intentional Group Yoga (for friends, family, not for profits, college’s, etc.)

To learn more about the above programs or to schedule an individualized/public yoga and or mindfulness session contact me via JuanCarlos.OM4U@Gmail.com

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