Dream Work

Dreamwork is different from the act of interpreting a dream given that the aim is to explore the various images, emotions, thoughts, symbols and experiences evoked and brought forth from a dream while avoiding the development of a single and distinct dream meaning. This keeps the dream alive and thus workable in a way in which is of most service to both the dreamer and the dream worker[s]. This perspective also solidifies that a dream may have a variety of meanings depending on the levels that are explored.

A mutual understanding within dreamwork is that each person has his or her own dream “language”. Any given place, person, object or symbol can differ in its meaning from dreamer to dreamer and also from time to time within the dreamers life..

As a Dream Worker, I facilitate this therapeutic process and utilize numerous methods to honor the dream, the dreamer and any perspectives that may be brought forth by other individuals that may be walking within the dream. This practice is done in an effort to ensure that the dream and its findings are of most service to all involved within the process.

The process of dreamwork can take place within a group or on a one to one basis and is meant to grant individuals a deeper understanding of self via the discussion of symbols, archetypes, emotions, images and experiences explored.

For additional details and to schedule a dreamwork private or group session contact me via JuanCarlos.OM4U@Gmail.com

Keep dreaming and as always Stay Awesome!



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