Every group could benefit from a nonjudgmental and empathetic outsider to help work through blocks, projects and or challenging times. Quite often, groups find themselves pushing and pushing without making any progress towards their collective mission or goals. At other times, they may not even notice some major internal and or external blocks preventing them from moving forward. In actuality, many groups experience enormous challenges simply because they aren’t sure what their goals are in the first place. In truth, it’s due to the compassionate, patient and empowering individuals around me that I’ve been able to accomplish all that I have.

There was Jaime telling me that I could and would graduate from college while granting me the tools and assistance to do so. Gina who guided me in my yoga practice 5 days a week and stuck around after each class encouraging me to go deeper by signing up for a yoga teacher training. Pritti who saw something great in me and assured me that the scared little boy dwelling inside me need not be scared anymore. And Thomas who listened and spoke free of judgment so that I could create my truth in the mental realm.

It’s because of these (and countless others) loving voices and compassionate ears that I embarked on a professional consulting career.

Utilizing tools garnered from professors, therapists, artists, yoga teachers, counselors, travels and more I’ll develop an individualized plan to assist your group in both labeling and accomplishing its most authentic and collective goals. Throughout the process, I’ll be committed to handing over a myriad of tools that can empower, motivate and assist your group in making the difficult decisions to walk closer to their goals.

Email me via for further information on how I can assist you on your path towards creating a truth that you all can be proud of.

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