Don’t Stop Until You’re DONE!

When I was a boy, I was obese, a nerd and by no means athletic. I was never chosen on sports teams, was terribly bullied, laughed at when I went running in the neighborhood one day and always wanted to have some way to physically excel and challenge myself.

A few years back I decided to run. As time has passed I’ve become more experienced and have trained more intentionally and regularly. This was my 3rd race EVER…I came in 10th out of 103…6th out of 31 men and 2nd in my age category.

I can’t possibly express how incredibly proud I am of myself, how grateful I am for the support I receive from my superwoman of a wife and even more so how amazed I once again am at the human spirit and the power that purpose holds in one’s life.

I wrote this because I’ve genuinely deemed it my life’s intention to assist others in developing their own sense of purpose while supporting them in becoming their truest selves. We ALL have a purpose and through it we can become who we TRULY are intended to be.

One of my life’s purposes is to stop running when I’m DONE not when I’m tired. In that photo…I… WAS…TIRED…but I wasn’t DONE!

My hope is that this Facebook post not become a method of advertising to it’s readers, or that it be considered a moment of gloating…instead…I hope that it demonstrates that as long as we are alive we have the time we need to commit to our life’s purpose. Because in so doing…this world is and can be the place we all wish it to be. One in which life has meaning! One in which we don’t wait for someone’s permission to BE AWESOME. And quite importantly…one in which we DON’T STOP until our life’s, purpose driven work…is DONE!

Special thanks to William O’Keeffe who took the photo (my edits : ) and to Safe Homes of Orange County for coordinating the race “We Can Be Heroes 5k” and for the AMAZING work they do in the community.

Mindfulness NOW Episode 2 Resistance Talk with Amanda Quintana

Hello amazing person!!!

In this episode I interview Amanda Quintana. She’s a former student of mine (college student leader…see her bio below).

Within this episode we talk about resistance, how it appears in our lives and what to do about it. I mention the book, Spiritual Direction: Beyond the Beginnings by Janet K. Ruffing, R.S.M. and one of the author’s perspectives regarding resistance (that it’s God’s grace needing to be worked within the individual).

Amanda Quintana is a Prevention Specialist at the Mid-Hudson Prevention Resource Center located at the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council of Orange County. She works to enhance community-based prevention strategies regarding substance misuse and abuse throughout the Mid-Hudson region. Amanda graduated with her Associate’s Degree from SUNY Orange in 2014 and was awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Success for her dedication and integration of academic success with extra-curricular leadership opportunities. She went on to graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree, magna cum laude, in Psychology from The College of Saint Rose, where she was a Resident Assistant and continued her dedication to improving student life. In present day, when she isn’t wandering the Mid-Hudson region, Amanda enjoys spending her time with her nose in a book soaking up the sun or crafting the newest Do-It-Yourself Pinterest find. She is currently considering Master’s Programs to further her education and career. You can reach her through her LinkedIn profile at

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Mindfulness Now Episode 1 Intro and Resistance


Below find the FIRST Episode to Mindfulness Now. As the weeks progress, expect plenty of guests, supportive info and tools to help you live a more mindfully present life!

Stay Awesome and Amazing…MORE TO COME!


Excelsior Academy & Ted X Newburgh

This week I had the absolute joy and honor of meeting with some of the students that grant my soul both hope and faith for the world.

On Tuesday, I stopped by Newburgh Free Academy (North Building) to chat with and perform for the group of students responsible for planning and coordinating 2 ground breaking and upcoming events…Ted X Newburgh & the Enlightenment Expo.

Yes!!! A group of NFA students (along with their teachers, mentors and supports) will be bringing a Ted X event to Newburgh, NY ( and ANOTHER event the day after called the Enlightenment Expo in which they’ll be showcasing amazing local talents along with local headliner (and my brother from another mother and father) Decora (

I was brought near tears after hearing these students express how important it is for them to showcase local ideas, talents and abilities. These truly are the voices, movers and shakers that this and tomorrow’s world needs and I’m super fortunate to be mentoring them while also hosting both upcoming events.

While with them, I spoke of purpose and the value of tapping into their own driving force. In truth, walking my purpose has consistently pulled me out of and or prevented me from sinking into the well of depression. Whenever I’ve been down and feeling off track I tap back into my life’s purpose and remind myself of the intrinsic motivation that has guided me for more than a decade… “to be of service to emerging adults and individuals interested in personal development so as to manifest the love driven world that is both possible and necessary through us all”. These young leaders of both today and tomorrow embody what is possible when we dive within and bring forth our light. They also epitomize the magic that happens when a few daring educators (Jackie Hess & Christine McCartney) empower students to both learn and grow rather than simply teaching them information. Life is an applied experience…not just information and if our students don’t learn how to learn and grow their gifts may sadly be lost forever.

More details on the above to be posted soon…

In the meantime, Stay Awesomely Amazing and Continue Shining Your Light!

Interviews & Upcoming Talks

Greetings and I hope these words find you joyous and well!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building The Mindfulness Now Podcast (episodes to be released soon), contemplating next steps, have had the joy of being interviewed 5 times (once by a graduate student writing a play on the LatinX experience and 4 times for the MyFOURmulaPodcast…see below and scheduled a meeting to discuss being a speaker during an upcoming TedX Talk (AHHHHHH DREAM COME TRUE HERE).

During this time, I’ve also been regularly reminded of the importance of holistic self-care and the value of having a Joyful Activity List (a list of activities that bring me joy in the midst of stressful/difficult times…more on that during an upcoming podcast/blog post). Both in the good and the challenging it’s crucial that we continue the daily work to ensure that body, mind, emotions and spirit are in alignment.

In fact, this is much of what Coach Ray and I discuss during his MyFOURmula Way Podcast. He’s a brother from another mother/father and someone I’ve collaborated with over the past 5 years (he was also one of the best men at my wedding). The MyFOURmula Way is a system of self-care practices that assists individuals in developing Strength in their Body, Peace in their Mind, Freedom in their Spirit and Love in their Heart. I love this system because it’s right in line with my own research into the Native American Medicine Wheel and the honoring of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Click below to listen to the two of the most recent interviews (an additional 2 of our time together to be posted soon) and learn more about CoachRay’s MyFOURmula Way.

Also, on Friday, March 9th @ 6:30PM join myself and the Senior Teachers of nOMad Always At Om during our 2nd philosophy talk within the BEAUTIFUL Beacon Yoga (464 Main Street, Beacon, NY). We’ll be discussing how to balance practice and non-attachment within our lives along with ways in which you can benefit from detaching a bit more within your own life.
Click below additional details.

Stay awesome and amazing always!

nOMad Talk Series Invite

I hope this week has treated both you and yours well!

If you’re looking to engage in a philosophical discussion, practice and learn more about Mindfulness & Meditation, while meeting new people in a beautiful, open and safe space then join us this Friday, February 2nd at 6:30PM for the first of a series of nOMad talks.

Every few weeks we’ll be offering another captivating talk that offers an opportunity to engage in a communal discussion, learn and practice tools for holistic wellness and close out your week in a fun and restorative manner.

We hope to  see you on Friday and please free to to email me at if you have any questions.

Trust in the Efforts!

Here we go…

I’ve been away from here for a few weeks because after 13 years of nurturing committed and exponential love, 2 years of engagement and taking 45 days to co-plan a wedding my beautiful fiancé (now wife…because AWESOMENESS) and I got married. Yup my wife and I finally locked each other down (that was in our vows…because that’s how we roll)!

Now, other than the fact that I LOVE saying and or writing the phrase “my wife” I’m mentioning this because though many years ago we dreamed that we’d get married to each other we honestly didn’t think it possible at times. There were financial difficulties, cultural barriers, growth we each had to experience, and many other reasons why we feared the wedding of our dreams would never take place. Then, at the end of the November we decided “Let’s just move forward with it and trust that all will go as it is intended”. Once we let go of the concerns the impossible became possible and on 1-28-18 we married the other of our dreams in the ceremony of our dreams with the reception of our dreams. It was all amazing! We trusted that somehow our due diligence would allow us to move forward, grant us strength, and pave the way for us.

I’m adopting that perspective in 2018 and I encourage you to do the same. Whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming of accomplishing…let go of the insecurities and fears and put forth your energies. Do your due diligence, work towards that which you wish to accomplish and trust that as you take 1 step forward, something greater than all of us is taking 2 steps towards you.

Keep moving forward with authenticity and intentionality folks!

P.S. Above is a group pic of myself and my fellow Senior nOMad Yoga Teachers. We co-taught a class this past Saturday at the Beacon Yoga Center and will be offering a Series of Philosophy Nights at the beautiful Beacon Yoga Center starting on Friday, February 16th at 6:30PM (Demystifying Mindfulness & Meditation is the first one!) These nights will have a topic for discussion and experiential component.

To learn more about what we’ve got going on check out… or email me at

What are you moving towards in 2018? Let me know via email!


Looking Back for Today’s Fuel

I hope your 2018 has been going beautifully!

It’s been a chilly experience here in the Hudson Valley and considering this frigid reality I’ve been bundled up inside and nurturing the head cold that greeted me in the New Year. Fortunately, given my time indoors I’ve been gifted the opportunity to more fully process my review of 2017.

Every morning after my yoga and meditation practice I’ve been allowing time for a Free Write and intuitively jotting down words regarding some specific areas of my life. These daily check ins have been based on the ones posted by Andrew Snavely (Founder & Director of Primer Magazine) via the website. See the questions I’ve been asking myself via the following link…


Life Area Check-ins

“With a positive/constructive voice, what are your gut reaction thoughts to the current state of the following areas in your life:

  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Work-Life balance
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Finance
  • Spending
  • Recreation
  • Intentional living

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about these, your only question about your answers should be “Is this working?” Is my current diet and workout plan getting me closer to my goal? Is my current work-life balance working for me and for the rest of what I want in my life?-Andrew Snavely

Upon contemplating the answers I’ve come up with a few realizations that I intend to work on in 2018.

1-I had a GOOD YEAR! Due to a major setback (didn’t get a promised promotion) I had unfortunately missed much of the good that occurred (completed graduate school, traveled, had some great quality time with family, the relationship with my life partner improved,  familial relationships improved, set & accomplished various goals and more) due to my negative focus on the failed promotion attempt. It makes sense. I had been promised and worked on getting this promotion for 3 years so that sting hurt pretty bad. Fortunately, it was a great teacher that nothing promised is for sure and that what hasn’t occurred may have a reason for not occuring. It’s worth considering how much joy this negative focus on failure stripped from me. The most fascinating piece is that it wasn’t a failure! More like a rude awakening and learning opportunity.

2-There’s some awesome and very attainable modifications that I can make to further improve my life and lead me closer to the outcomes I’m looking to manifest. For instance, my happiest moments were when I went on short trips. I LOVE going away for a weekend here and there. I also LOVE learning new things and connecting with different people. This is something I’m excited about building upon in 2018. Given this awareness I’ve located some finances to go away for a few weekends in the upcoming months, am developing a schedule and planing some inexpensive getaways with my wife (we’ll be married in a couple of weeks 😊).

Considering my experience with the above, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. Go to the website, write up the questions (Andrew mentions them as per a mini-getaway but you can do it right from home as I’ve have). Once you have, e-mail me what happens! What realizations do you come upon? What could make you even happier/healthier in 2018? What plan have you developed to go about letting go of what you don’t want and developing more of what you do?

Stay Awesome! Let me know how it goes and have an amazing 2018!

P.S. I’m back at Anytime Fitness in Walden, NY and am teaching a 6PM Flow Yoga Class on Monday’s! Also, stay tuned for details on the 200 HR nOMad Yoga Teacher Training we have coming up in March. Lastly, OM Your Way Podcasts and videos coming soooooooon!!!

Adios (Go with God) 2017

Hello! 2017 is ALMOST DONEZO!

And we’re here my people!

Somehow we’ve survived, though we remember those that transcended or have been challenged by this year due to its war threats, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings, economic shifts, political woes, a resurfacing of “racism in public” and the surfacing of disgustingly numerous, inappropriate and unwelcome acts of sexual misconduct. Even with all of that basura and more…we can collectively rejoice that this all too has past leaving us HERE! Ready for a 2018 of love, peace, truth, authenticity, justice, health, growth and all the good that we each have inside of us. It’s there! It may be covered up by layers of darkness but do trust that the light is there. What got me through this year was the knowing that this light exists deep within each of us. It’s been the tools I practice that have helped me along the way and even dug me out when I fell too deeply into the darkness that inevitably abounds.

The plot twist is this though…we’re ready for a better 2018 because…we get to create it. We needn’t and shouldn’t wait for 2018 to grant us all the good we hope for. We must CREATE those realities. Be more loving, peaceful, truthful, authentic, just, healthy and more! Create the space for all that is you to grow and develop the healthy boundaries for anything that prevents you from living the way you seek to live.

The word I’m taking into 2018 is CREATE! I’m no longer waiting for it to happen. I’m making it happen by creating it. Each one of us has the ability and potential to do so. I encourage you to join me on this journey of creation so that we may hold each other accountable for the growth we each yearn for.

What’s your word for 2018? What do you intend to create and how’d you work through 2017?

Let me know by emailing me at

P.S. Unfortunately, the drop in Yoga Basics class at Gold’s Gym didn’t work out on my end. I’ll instead be subbing it on occasion. Also, stay tuned for a new Monday evening class coming up in January!

P.S.S. That’s our little dude Chance at the top. He too is looking at 2017 and ready to say Adios! to it : ).

NEW Sunday Morning Class!!! & 300 Hour Nomad Yoga Teacher Trainees


I hope this new day has begun beautifully for you!

I’ll normally only send out updates every couple of weeks but I’m super excited about some upcoming happenings this weekend!

As of this Sunday, December 17th, I’ll be teaching a weekly Yoga Basics Class at     Gold’s Gym (15 Raquet Road, Newburgh, NY 12550). This weekly class will be held in their BEAUTIFUL “Yoga Room” Studio, is a 75 minute Yoga Basics for all levels practice and has a drop in/class card option for non-members. I promise you…Yoga Basics DOES NOT mean “Easy Yoga”. This will be a moderately challenging and balanced class with a steady flow and plenty of relaxation time. Each week I’ll be offering a distinct practice based on the development of an invigorating, cleansing and empowering experience.

Join me on this weekly journey of
movement, breath and mindful connection!

Click Here for More Details 

  Additionally, I had the distinct joy and honor of offering a series of Philosophy lessons for the AMAZING 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainees you see in the above image. Each one of them has further grown into even AWESOMER yoga teachers that bring their fully authentic selves both on and off the mat. This past Wednesday, we discussed their last lesson (Intentional Listening) and as usual I was blown away by the magic that each one offers the world. Want to meet them? Practice some Yoga and learn more about their offerings??? TAKE SOME OF THEIR FREE CLASSES THIS WEEKEND!!!

Note: Space is limited! PLEASE be sure to reserve your spot and experience what these amazing individuals have been learning and practicing for the past few months!

Click Here to Reserve Your Mat

Stay Awesome, Safe and of course Stay Tuned for More!

P.S. Some of you mentioned that there was an issue with the emails connected with this website. I’ve gone ahead and created a new one for us to connect with. I’d love to read from you as we continue this journey! Be sure to hit me up via